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Paul Pitcher, First Down Funding and Bret "Hitman" Hart; Tag Team Champions in Business

WWE Hall of Famer, Bret "Hitman" Hart puts his stamp of approval on First Down Funding and Sharp Shooter Funding

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - January 18, 2016) - A leading entrepreneur has joined forces with one of pro-wrestling's bona fide legends to form an exciting new tag team in the world of corporate finance and business development.

Paul Pitcher, who is a managing partner at First Down Funding, joins forces with actor, author and former WWE superstar Bret "Hitman" Hart in a new venture which will provide much needed funding to small and medium sized business owners in the US and Canada.

Mr. Pitcher's First Down Funding already provides business loans to qualifying organizations in the United States. With his new venture, Sharp Shooter Funding -- a company named after Bret's signature finishing move in the wrestling ring -- Paul will focus on providing the same funding options to businesses all over Canada. As The Hitman is a Canadian legend, it soon became apparent that he was the perfect spokesman for the company.

During his days in the squared circle, Bret Hart's slogan was "I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be", and this commitment to excellence and the realization of potential is something he has carried over into the world of business. With Sharp Shooter Funding, Mr. Pitcher and his staff pledges to apply their dogged work ethic to providing funding to Canadian business owners, as they work to get their enterprises off the ground.

Similarly, Paul Pitcher is no stranger to hard work and dedication. With First Down Funding and with Sharp Shooter Funding he works around the clock, seven days a week, to provide the most attractive and fruitful lending options to American and Canadian business owners. Together, Paul and Bret represent a formidable partnership, and one which will provide a much needed boost to businesses in North America.

"Excellence in execution" was key to The Hitman's performance in the ring, and this is something that Paul and Bret have kept in mind while developing their services. Both First Down Funding and Sharp Shooter Funding are well oiled machines, providing easy processes and fast decisions for funding applicants. It only takes three steps for a business owner to acquire funding from First Down Funding or from Sharp Shooter Funding. Interested parties need simply submit an online application, wait to be contacted by a loan specialist who will discuss their options with them, and then receive the funding.

The idea is to create a process with a straightforward structure that will encourage more people to pursue their business dreams in the US and Canada. By giving small and medium sized business owners the access to the cash advances that they need to grow, both First Down Funding and Sharp Shooter Funding are helping to nurture the recovery of the economy on both a national and a local level.

Both also provide total transparency for their users, displaying details relating to interest rates, payment schedules and loan amounts and terms clearly and prominently on their websites. This represents First Down Funding and Sharp Shooter's commitment to the ethical provision of funding and a responsible approach to lending. This is reflected in the assessment protocols and approval criteria that both First Down Funding and Sharp Shooter use, which ensure that the best and most clearly defined business plans get the funding that they need to succeed.

Be on the lookout for a strong addition to the already top tier sales and marketing offices with the addition of Dallas Hart and Blade Hart. Never underestimate the long term goals and creativity of Paul Pitcher as the only way to be the best is to work with the best.

Success is something that both Paul Pitcher and Bret Hart know well, and -- with their new partnership -- they expect to deliver that success to business owners in Canada. Want to find out more about how First Down Funding and Sharp Shooter Funding could benefit your business? Get in touch with the team or visit www.FirstDownFunding.com and www.SharpShooterFunding.com for more information.

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