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Spoilers: Paul Rudd on Tom Brady's awesome 'Living With Yourself' cameo

Gary Levin, USA TODAY

Spoiler alert: The following contains details from the first episode of the Netflix comedy series.

It's the Super Bowl of cameos. 

In "Living With Yourself," Netflix's newest comedy (now streaming), Paul Rudd stars as Miles Elliott, a middle-age guy struggling at work and in his marriage, who takes inadvertent inspiration from six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

In the opening minutes of the eight-episode series, Miles wonders why his colleague at work is so peppy. The secret? The mysterious Top Happy Spa, nestled in a suburban strip mall, that promises rejuvenation by cloning a new, idealized version of its patrons.

Apprehensive in his first visit, Miles runs into the spa's number one customer – the New England Patriots quarterback – who asks Miles if it's his "first time" there.

"Yeah," Miles responds. "You?"  

"Six," says Brady (which just happens to be the number of his Super Bowl victories). 

"If the idea is you kind of fire on all cylinders after having this treatment done, who's the example of someone who might have done this?" Rudd says. 

"Living" creator Tim Greenberg wrote Brady into his first script more than four years ago (when Brady had only four Super Bowl rings), and Rudd says he laughed when he first saw it.  Neither thought they had a chance of snagging Brady for the brief gig, shot in a Boston-area hotel parking lot after last year's NFL season. 

"Nobody seemed to check every box like Tom Brady," Rudd says. "He's kind of the epitome of excellence in just about every category."

"It was a bit of a dance," Greenberg adds. "We had a giant list of backups, but he's just the perfect specimen. Everybody else would've been a big letdown. So the fact that we got him was great." 

Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea star in Netflix's

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