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Peak Games Sets Record for Global Growth & Most Concurrent Online Game Players in Turkey & MENA

ISTANBUL, TURKEY and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2013) -

  • Peak Games grows to 11.8 million daily active users and sets record with 300,000 concurrent users across portfolio in Turkey and MENA
  • Company reaches this milestone by focusing on community driven, multiplayer and synchronous games and achieving sustainable and profitable growth

Peak Games, the market leader of online and mobile games development and distribution in Turkey and MENA (Middle East & North Africa), breaks a record with 300,000 peak concurrent players across its portfolio just shy of the company's third anniversary. Peak's focus on community driven, multiplayer, synchronous titles have made its games part of the everyday lifestyle in Turkey, allowing Peak to achieve consistent year-over-year growth. Peak provides players with the ability to enjoy games as a true cross-platform experience with seamless connection between online and mobile platforms.

Peak Games Portfolio: Key to Sustainable and Profitable Growth
Peak Games dominates the Turkish parlor games genre generating sustainable and profitable growth across platforms with the most successful games bringing more than 50% revenue from mobile. With a strong focus on the parlor games genre (traditional and popular board, card and table-top games) Peak Games integrates the community feel of a coffee house into today's screen-based social activities. The end result of this highly loyal and active community is a long and highly engaged player lifetime of many years leading to the sustained growth the Company has shown since inception. Peak will continue to leverage its profitable position and market leadership by servicing its repeat players with several new online and mobile titles ready to launch beginning Q4 2013.

Plus Franchise Games: Part of Daily Life for Turkish People
One of Peak's flagship studios, the Plus Franchise, builds games, which are digital renditions of traditional and popular board, card, and tabletop games. Straight from the heart of local offline game culture, these games have been important parts of daily lives for generations. Peak taps into this tradition by bringing these classic games to modern platforms where people from the region, as well as from around the world, can play together. Peak's game design is inherently social as it encourages multiple players to sit at a virtual table simultaneously, for example, to play a hand of cards, making longer and more frequent play times become second nature to the user experience. 

  • The Plus Franchise alone has more than 300,000 concurrent users and includes 6 different games: Okey, Okey Plus, 101 Plus, Tavla Plus, Batak and Pool Plus.
  • Mobile versions of some of the most successful games, including Okey Plus and 101 Plus, are consistently in top grossing lists, generating half their revenues from Android and iOS platforms.

Peak Games Co-Founder and CSO Rina Onur said: "Since founding almost three years ago in November 2010, Peak Games has maintained its focus on community-based, multiplayer, synchronous games. We have grown revenues 300% per year and are poised to build upon our market leadership position in high-growth regions like Turkey and MENA. As smartphone sales grow rapidly, our most successful Plus Franchise games generate half their revenues from mobile -- which also confirms our cross-platform strategy."

Commenting on Peak Games growth, investment bank Digi-Capital's Founder Tim Merel said, "Peak's management team continues to drive them from strength to strength, capitalising on deep cultural connections and understanding of their core Turkey/MENA markets. Our experience is that synchronous multiplayer and mobile are key growth drivers for leading games companies globally. Peak's strength in these markets positions them as one of the most valuable players in Turkey/MENA."

About Peak Games
Peak Games is the largest and fastest-growing gaming company focused on the emerging markets of Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. Despite its regional focus, Peak Games ranks as one of the largest online and mobile gaming companies globally with 25 million monthly active users. A key to Peak Games' success is its unrivalled expertise in creating and publishing games that are community-based, multiplayer, and synchronous. The company's diverse portfolio includes game titles on Facebook and mobile platforms. Peak Games' local talent hold deep expertise across gaming and high-tech industries. The company's investors include Earlybird Venture Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, and Endeavor Catalyst.

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Website: http://www.peakgames.net
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