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Pegassets Enters the Ensemble Active Management Market with Launch of Four EAM Portfolios

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2020 / Pegassets, LLC, an early mover in Ensemble Active Management (EAM), is pleased to announce that four of its EAM strategies are now live in the marketplace and available for investment. Pegassets designed and launched six EAM Portfolios one year ago, and recently licensed four of its custom, Artificial Intelligence ("AI")-enhanced EAM portfolio solutions to Melius Investments. Pegassets stands ready to leverage the power of EAM for the benefit of other firms and their clients, with the goal of providing superior long-term performance.

Bob Tull, a forty-year veteran in finance and a pioneer in ETFs, ETNs and other financial structures, founded Pegassets in order to bring innovative and disruptive technologies to the financial services industry. As Bob explained, "I was there when ETFs launched over 25 years ago - they transformed investing. I've been on the ground floor with EAM and truly believe this technology and approach are the future of investing." Bob has spoken with many established asset management firms discussing the alpha opportunity of EAM and the potential for enhanced investment returns for both retail and institutional investors.

According to Tim Mullaney, founder and President of Melius Investments, "From a CIOs' perspective, EAM Portfolios bring everything I would want to see," stated Mr. Mullaney. "Rather than relying on a single manager, EAM delivers a multi-expert approach. The stock selections are based 100% on high conviction stock picks from managers, with no ‘beta anchor' to dilute performance. The final portfolio of up to 50 stocks is based on the highest consensus agreement across the managers. And every step of the process is powered by Machine Learning and Ensemble Methods technology."

Kathy Neumann, President of Pegassets, states "I have a strong interest in ESG investing, and I am particularly pleased to see our AI enhanced ESG portfolio now active and in the market. We are building additional EAM Portfolios with the goal of delivering alpha to investors."

EAM can be used to build custom portfolio solutions across equity asset classes, as well as specialty portfolios such as ESG or factor-based models.

For more information on licensing this technology for custom manager solutions, please contact Kathy Neumann or Bob Tull through www.pegassets.com.

About Pegassets:

Pegassets is dedicated to the licensing of innovative and disruptive intellectual property to financial firms to allow them to create and deliver superior investment solutions. The company's current focus is Ensemble Active Management (EAM), a new approach that blends together core investment fundamentals from traditional active management with insights and tools from the world of AI and machine learning.

About Melius Investments:

Melius Investments is a registered investment advisor and was founded on the principal that investors deserve better. Better performance, better delivery vehicles, better solutions. Melius has combined under one roof the AI-powered advantages of EAM Portfolios as a means of improving upon traditional active management, the flexibility and tax advantages of Direct Indexes as a means of improving upon traditional passive investing, and Model Portfolios as a means of improving upon the decades old technology behind mutual funds. To learn more about the EAM Portfolios available through Melius Investments along with model portfolio track records and important disclosures. To learn more about the EAM Portfolios available through Melius Investments along with model portfolio track records and important disclosures go to www.meliusinvestments.com


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SOURCE: Pegassets LLC

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