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Pekka Rinne on Finnish announcer’s crazy save call in Game 4 (Video)

NASHVILLE – Nashville Predators goalie Pekka Rinne made the save of the Stanley Cup Final in their Game 4 win.

Well, it was actually three saves: Two stops on Sidney Crosby, before diving back to his crease to take away an open net from Jake Guentzel.

But Rinne’s athleticism isn’t what turned that save into an instant classic. No, what turned it onto an instant classic was another bellowing call from Viasat Sport Finland play-by-play announcer Antti Mäkinen, whose overly enthusiastic reaction really captured the spirit of the thing.

Everyone, sing along: “PEKKA REEEEEEEEN-EH!”

Your ears do not deceive you. At one point in the save call, he refers to Rinne as “Yellow Tarzan.”

Rinne said on Tuesday, the day after the 4-1 win, that he’d seen the clip.

“I have. It’s pretty funny,” he said. “I know the guy. He gets fired up.”

Mäkinen previously gave us another instant classic in last season’s Stanley Cup Final, when Joonas Donskoi scored to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3.

For Rinne, the save was a memorable moment from the Predators’ Game 4 win, which tied the Stanley Cup Final at 2-2.

“For sure it’s fun to watch that now, when we win the game. At the time, it was a huge save. It was a 2-1 game. Big at the time,” he said. “Sometimes you make a big save and it makes you feel good. Gives you a little confidence.”

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