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Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Posts 94.73% Average NCLEX Pass Rate

Local College's first-time test taker scores continue to outpace the national average

LANCASTER, Pa., Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, the area's preeminent institution for the health care field, is pleased to announce that after the fourth quarter of the 2018-2019 academic year, the school's NCLEX scores continue to stay above the 90th percentile with a 94.73% average pass rate. The College's annual pass rate for the 2018-2019 academic year was 95.02%, maintaining the College's rank above the national average of 88%.

"Our first-time pass rate continues to exceed the national average and demonstrates the high caliber of our dedicated students and faculty," said Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Dean of Nursing Dr. Cheryl Grab. "The consistency of NCLEX scores across the board this year exemplifies our mission as a whole — to educate for excellence in health care practice, leadership and the continuous acquisition of knowledge."     

The College continues to make advancements to the program to ensure students are well prepared for the health field. Recent initiatives include decreasing class sizes, enhancing simulation learning experiences, incorporating Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) learning systems into the curriculum, improving the faculty hiring and orientation process, and identifying high-risk students early on to provide them with additional assistance.

"As the health care industry, specifically the nursing field, continues to grow and evolve, we are growing and evolving as well," said Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Kimberly Johnston. "The demand for qualified and talented registered nurses is at an all-time high. We are doing our best to educate our students to enter the workforce successfully as compassionate, well-rounded individuals and leaders."

In addition to its established Associate Degree in Nursing program, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is the only institution in the region that offers an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The College's rigorous curriculum prepares students for a myriad of health care settings, immersing them in a unique theoretical learning environment where collaboration between disciplines mimics that of a hospital and fosters a holistic understanding of how each professional and department works together to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

To learn more about Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, visit http://www.PAcollege.edu.

About Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
A dynamic and academically rigorous institution, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is a private, accredited, four-year college focusing exclusively on the field of health care. Offering associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs, as well as a number of certificate programs, PA College provides professional development for health care workers throughout their career. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the College attracts a select group of more than 1,800 students to study with faculty who are experts in their specialty areas.