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People Say These Are the Most Overrated Honeymoon Destinations

Sarah Cunnane
People Say These Are the Most Overrated Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon is the first big vacation you and your spouse will take after your wedding day, and you'll want to squeeze every inch of relaxation out of your escape — especially since it's going to cost you roughly $4,500, on average.

Every couple has different tastes: Some want to stretch out on a beach, while others long for historical architecture and sightseeing.

No matter what you're looking for, your honeymoon should be memorable and romantic — not crowded with tourists — which is why you'll probably want to skip some of these destinations.

Here are 17 of the most overrated honeymoon spots, according to travelers. Quotes have been edited for grammar and clarity.

1. Niagara Falls, New York

CPQ / Shutterstock

Niagara Falls may be one of the great natural wonders of the world, and it has been a popular honeymoon destination since the 1800s. But you may want to reconsider before booking that trip on Maid of the Mist.

Locals and tourists alike complain that there isn’t much to do outside of seeing the falls, unless you like souvenir traps. Also, you might have to dip into the minibar, since everything closes at 9 p.m.

"NOT WORTH A VISIT AT ALL!" says one TripAdvisor commenter, who stayed on the American side and doesn't plan to go back anytime soon.

"We stayed five minutes from the falls," the reviewer says. "Lines were long to get on Maid of the Mist, and they crammed so many people on board so you could barely see the falls or enjoy it."

2. Las Vegas

Business Stock / Shutterstock

If you’re looking to have a blitzed-out party weekend before settling down into married life, boy does Las Vegas have a honeymoon for you.

But many reviewers don’t seem to think it’s worth the hype, citing expensive hotels and a lot of walking through massive hordes of drunks.

Don’t take a gamble on Vegas, says a TripAdvisor commenter going by the handle "Peter K".

“Busy, congested, dirty, noisy and often trashy. You have to walk for ages to get to the casinos/hotels so wear comfortable shoes," he says. "Also, the streets are crowded, so exercise caution.”

3. Acapulco, Mexico

Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock

The allure of the warm beaches, sun and palm trees may make Acapulco seem like the prime travel destination for a relaxing honeymoon getaway.

However, the U.S. government travel advisory for the state of Guerrero, where Acapulco is located, is a "level 4" — meaning "Do Not Travel." Officials say the risks include pickpocketing, tourist targeting and even homicide.

Travelers have been generally unimpressed with the city, citing poor upkeep of hotels and hot spots due to spooked tourists avoiding the region.

"Acapulco is a ghost town. There were about five to seven people on the entire beach," writes one traveler, on Reddit. "Very sad to see. Walked north from (Club) Paradise and found many abandoned beachfront buildings, filled with broken glass, stray animals and garbage."

4. Tulum, Mexico

Gimas / Shutterstock

Tulum, known for its ruins of an ancient Mayan city, has been called the “Williamsburg of Mexico." It has exploded in popularity in the past decade, thanks in part to its legendary parties, EDM festivals and celebrity clientele.

However, the popularity comes at a price. Tulum isn’t a well-kept secret anymore, and millions of tourists flock here every year. Fighting for a spot to lay your towel down on the beach doesn’t exactly create an intimate environment for nuzzling newlyweds.

Honeymooners also complain that there has been a growing seaweed issue.

"Instead of the beauty in all the ads and pictures I had been seeing leading up to the trip, I saw dirty brown water," says TripAdvisor reviewer "Audreytude". I knew there would be seaweed but expected that there would still be blue water. I was not prepared for what it was really like."

5. The Hamptons, New York

James Kikikis / Shutterstock

The Hamptons, on New York's Long Island, have long been touted as the swanky getaway for some of the country’s most elite, and the area beckons honeymooners with beachfront hotels and romantic inns.

But they might find the beaches shockingly middlebrow. The Hamptons also may surprise travelers with raccoons, bugs and insanely crowded beaches.

Travelers complain that the crowds ruin the intimacy, and that the high price tags put a damper on the fun.

In the words of one TripAdvisor reviewer: "Bad people, bad water, bad architecture and bad food. What more can I say? If you like crowded faux Boston beaches, this is your ticket."

6. Singapore

MOLPIX / Shutterstock

Looking for a luxurious, relaxing honeymoon? Then skip Singapore.

While architecture buffs might swoon over the towering skyscrapers, honeymooners looking more for nature valley walks will be hard-pressed to find anything that isn’t made of concrete.

Claustrophobes should also beware: The city-state is the world’s second-most densely populated nation. Close to 6 million people are crammed into 278 square miles, and with tourists pouring in daily, it can easily feel overwhelming.

"We found the city heavily polluted, way too crowded, uncharismatic, bland and basically a complete waste of time," writes one traveler, on Travellerspoint. "We concluded that in Singapore there is nothing worth seeing. Once you’ve seen the architecture, you’ve seen it all."

7. Los Angeles

J Dennis / Shutterstock

If you have dreams of glitz and glamour and touring the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you might be sorely disappointed to learn that Los Angeles doesn’t live up to the hype.

The sprawling, disparate city is difficult to navigate without constantly relying on cabs, and the tourist attractions are often filled with thousands of people.

It’s certainly not a great way to relax after your wedding.

Warns one LA native, on Reddit: "A lot of our 'attractions,' like Hollywood and Venice Beach, are pretty boring. Everything else is so spread out that getting around is a nightmare. It's a better place to live than to visit."

8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ashrat jandalyi / Shutterstock

If you’re looking to experience the rich history of the Middle East, you won’t find it in Dubai. There isn’t much to see outside of the tall buildings, and the fast-paced environment makes it difficult to unwind.

"It's the most soulless, cultureless and artificial city I've been to," writes one critic, on Reddit. "The shameless and obscene display of wealth only adds to the vibe, and the super tall skyscrapers and mega malls get old within one afternoon."

Not to mention the expense. A trip to Dubai costs an average $288 per person per day, according to BudgetYourTrip.com.

You could go to Paris for just $179 a day.

9. Venice, Italy

Yasonya / Shutterstock

While immersing yourself in the rich history of Venice sounds like a dream on your honeymoon, think again. Cruise ships bring in droves of tourists, and the city has been dealing with more flooding than ever — since Venice is quite literally sinking.

Everyone should go to Venice, because there's truly no other city like it. But during your dream Italian honeymoon with your amoré, make Venice a couple days' stop along the way, not your primary destination.

Travelers say the place is expensive, and that there's a great deal of walking involved. By the end of the day, you'll be tired from hiking up and down all the bridges.

Plus, "Venice doesn't smell good," writes one Reddit commenter. "It may seems stupid, but there's a 'backwater odor' all over the place. Some tourists hate it, some love it. It's unavoidable since it is located in a lagoon."

10. Paris


Taking a trip to the City of Love is the ultimate romantic destination. Or it just seems that way, until you actually get there and are tormented by the long lines and densely crowded tourist areas.

And did we mention no one picks up their dog poop?

People who have tried to honeymoon there conclude that Paris is often over-romanticized.

"Paris isn’t some pristine city full of flowers, romance and world-class food as the movies portray it," says one critic, on Reddit. "It’s a busy, bustling city complete with rude people in the streets, unpleasant odors and graffiti. The food is OK, but not great (unless you’re going to a high price place)."

11. Sydney

f11photos / Shutterstock

Sydney is an unconventional honeymoon spot, but Australia's largest city is nonetheless filled with sandy beaches and plenty of coastal views.

Those looking to travel Down Under should be wary, however. Locals report that Sydney is a crowded city, especially during the sunny summer months.

"Sydney’s Bondi Beach is a very okay beach, and it is always SUPER crowded in the summer," says one Sydney area resident, on Reddit. "It's way less fun to swim there compared to a beach where you have room to enjoy yourself."

12. Amsterdam

Dennis van de Water / Shutterstock

When you picture Amsterdam, you may be imagining an afternoon cycle through an idyllic cobblestone path overlooking the canals. Reality paints a much different picture, however.

The quaint Dutch city is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, attracting millions of people every year.

But the long lines can quickly turn your honeymoon from “Van Gogh” to “Oh no.”

"A lot of people I talked to loved it, but I thought the whole place seemed like a tourist trap," writes one Amsterdam honeymooner, on Reddit. "I tried the Van Gogh museum, but there was a line to get in, and I heard it gets too crowded to even appreciate it."

13. London

TTStudio / Shutterstock

London is a beautiful city rich in history, but it’s also a very expensive one. Honeymooners can expect to shell out big bucks for food, hotels and sightseeing.

Also, the unpredictable, rainy weather can put a damper on a cozy holiday.

Disgruntled travelers say London makes for a terrible honeymoon setting.

"Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are nowhere near as glowing in real life as they look in photos," writes one Reddit commenter. "I'm sure if you're a wealthy millionaire your trip there will be vastly superior, but for the average working person it's just miserable."

14. Walt Disney World, Florida

Jerome LABOUYRIE / Shutterstock

Your love for Disney tunes may be undeniable, but starting your “happily ever after” at Walt Disney World near Orlando is a sure way to stress yourself out while also getting a sunburn.

The sweltering Florida heat is made only more unbearable by the long lines and the thousands of families. Do you want your honeymoon drowned out by a bunch of screaming kids? Probably not, especially not if you want to have some one day.

"I work at Disney World and I went there for the first time a few weeks back," says one Disney "cast member," on Reddit. "I literally waited for three hours to ride a roller coaster. Honestly, I can’t imagine how people feel when they’ve paid probably thousands to come."

Also keep in mind that the deluxe villas, where you'll probably want to stay for your honeymoon, start from $456 a night. "Downgrading" to the deluxe hotels will set you back $363 per night.

15. The Maldives

Nikolay 007 / Shutterstock

The Maldives are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. Though the land mass is small, this little archipelago in South Asia commands a big price tag.

The Maldives are consistently ranked as the most expensive honeymoon destination, especially when factoring in travel costs.

It takes multiple flights to get there (one connection minimum), which means you’ll be spending half your vacation groggy and jet-lagged. Not nice.

"If you're looking to kick back and just enjoy yourself, it would be a great vacation," says one Reddit user. "Just note that breakfast alone could cost easily $100 a person, and you don't have choices on where to eat ... you're stuck on an island."

16. Santorini, Greece

Zick Svift / Shutterstock

Planning to jetset off to Santorini right after a summer wedding? Skip it. June, July and August are prime tourist time for this small Aegean island.

Expect to spend half your vacation fighting with thousands of other tourists for the best spots to sit and watch the romantic sunsets.

Plus the island is quite rocky, so you’ll have to take a ferry to somewhere a little more sandy — if you're looking to cozy up on a beach.

"The beaches on Santorini are terrible. The island is volcanic, and beaches are rocky," writes one traveler, on Reddit. "The downsides are (1) huge cruise ships dropping off thousands of day-trippers, overwhelming the island, and (2) really rocky beaches."

17. Bali, Indonesia

Cocos.Bounty / Shutterstock

The three islands of Bali are renowned for their beaches, coral reefs, jungles and their stunning history of spirituality.

Bali is home to over 1,200 spas, beautiful volcanic formations and curious macaque monkeys. The views are breathtaking, so much so that it’s no wonder David Bowie requested that his ashes be scattered along the islands.

But people who've been there recently say thousands of tourists and wayward partiers are spoiling the views by polluting the beaches along Seminyak and Kuta.

"Most of Bali is, unfortunately, polluted with plastic garbage. The beaches are full of plastic, the streets, etc.," says one Reddit commenter. "It’s disgusting."

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