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People Are Not Happy About This Sexy 'Stranger Things' Costume

Caroline Bologna

Halloween costume designers have a way of making just about anything “sexy” ― as absurd as it can be

But people are saying this sexy “Stranger Things”-themed costume has gone too far. 

Online retailer Yandy.com is selling a “sexy Halloween costume” called “Upside Down Honey.”

Looking at it, the costume clearly depicts Eleven, a 12-year-old character from the cult Netflix series “Stranger Things.” In other words, it’s a costume that sexualizes a character that is a child. And people are not too happy about it.  

The costume becomes more egregious when you consider that Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who plays Eleven, is 13 years old and was 11 when she filmed the first season of the show. 

(Amanda Edwards via Getty Images)

Still, this sort of sexualized costume isn’t too surprising coming from Yandy.com. The website offers many “sexy” versions of childhood-related costumes that are disturbing to the point of almost being comical. 

Take the sexy cabbage patch doll, for example. 


Yandy.com has also sold various sexy Alice in Wonderland looks and even sexy Bert and Ernie costumes. 

Because clearly, nothing is sacred. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.