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People Are Paying $30,000 For Apple Products Covered In Gold And Diamonds

Alyson Shontell

Computer Chompers has made a business out of making Apple products more expensive.

The company takes all sorts of electronics, from Nintendo game controllers to iPhones and Blackberries, strips them down, and plates them in 24-caret gold.

It then adds engravings and diamonds to the golden shells. Each device looks a little different for each customer.

Alex Wiley has been creating the computers for a few years now. Fortune recently interviewed him on some of the most expensive Apple products his team has sold (although he sells Microsoft, Nintendo and Rim products too, Apple products are most popular with his customers).

Wiley says he sold a $30,000 13-inch MacBook Pro (picture below). He's also created a $14,500 Rose Gold Plated iMac with a 24-inch screen, and a $20,000 platinum MacBook Pro with a customized, multi-color diamond logo.

Who's buying these pricey items?

Wiley says 90% of sales come from international clients. The buyer of the $20,000 MacBook was from Azerbaijan. Athletes and celebrities buy his products too.

Here's the $30,000 MacBook Pro:

And here's the multi-colored diamond design on the $20,000 platinum MacBook Pro:

You can also buy iPads and iPhones from Computer Chompers, like these:

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