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More people think the Brexit 50p coin is a bad idea than those who approve of it

New 50p – a commemorative 50p will be launched to mark Britain’s departure from the EU 

A special 50p is just one of the many changes Britain’s departure from the UK will bring.

The commemorative coin, which is expected to carry the words “Friendship With All Nations” will be available from March 29 – the day the UK leaves the EU.

But people aren’t quite convinced by the idea.

According to a YouGov poll, 39% disapprove of the idea, beating the 35% who think it’s a good move, while 26% don’t know.

According to a YouGov poll, more people disapprove of the Brexit 50p coin than think it’s a good idea (Picture: YouGov)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 55% of leave voters approve of the idea compared to just 15% of remainers.

Similarly, just 18% of leave voters disapprove of the plans compared to 64% of remainers.


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When it comes to gender, there isn’t a marked difference, with 39% of women disapproving, compared to 41% of men, and 38% of men approving of the idea as opposed to 31% of women.

The findings echo the response on social media to the idea, with Remainers coming up with their own jokes about the planned new coin.

Labour MP Wes Streeting and left-wing comedian David Schneider both made the same quip, that the post-Brexit 50p would be what a £1 coin would be worth after Brexit.

Meanwhile Twitter user @OlafFalafel tweeted a photoshopped image of the piece featuring Dad’s Army’s Private Frazer and Lance Corporal Jones, along with their famous catchphrases “we’re doomed” and “don’t panic”.

Keith Burge tweeted: “I think a commemorative 50p piece entirely appropriate, with each of the seven sides representing a different interpretation of what Brexit was supposed to mean.”

Pro-Remain campaigner Lord Adonis branded the move “repulsive”, saying it was “like a coin celebrating Suez or the Munich Agreement”.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats’ Brexit spokesman Tom Brake tweeted: “The50p coin will be nothing more than a sad & permanent reminder of the long lasting damage Brexit will do to our economy, credibility & influence in the world.

“Rather than a nonsensical coin, the people deserve a final say including the option to remain in the EU.”

And the SNP’s depute leader in Westminster tweeted: “We were promised £350 million a week. Instead we’re getting 50p.”