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PeopleClues Announces Strategic Partnership With People Report

WOODSTOCK, GA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2013) - PeopleClues, an industry leader in workplace assessments, today announced details of its strategic partnership with People Report, a leading provider of human resource metrics, benchmarks, trends and best people practices for the food-service industry. As a result of the partnership and the two companies' thought leadership on workplace best practices, People Report clients will receive enhanced knowledge they can use to improve their businesses.

Organizations rely on PeopleClues' cloud-based assessment solutions to help them make smarter hiring decisions by evaluating a candidate's job fit, based on personality, attitude and cognitive measurements. The company's assessments, which can be completed in less than 20 minutes, provide easy to understand and highly visual reports and deliver scientifically validated and legally defensible results. PeopleClues' science is certified and validated by the highly esteemed British Psychological Society, and its technology is on the International Safe Harbor list, providing employers and staffing agencies with a reliable solution to ensure they find the best matches possible for their positions.

People Report offers its members innovative and groundbreaking solutions and resources that help service industry employers understand the workforce trends that can give them a significant advantage. By providing its members with actionable and insightful workforce intelligence, based on their own workforce data, People Report members receive analytics to ensure they have the right number of people with the right talent at the right place at right time and at the right compensation level. Through the partnership with PeopleClues, the two companies can enhance the knowledge that service industry employers use to achieve their organizations' strategic goals.

"We believe that by forging an alliance with PeopleClues, under the leadership of Julie Moreland and her team, we will be able to deliver insight into the voice of today's service sector workers," said Joni Thomas Doolin, CEO and founder of People Report. "The hourly and management workforce has been impacted significantly by the recession. Best-in-class companies are using this time to create workplace cultures that will attract and retain the right employees, setting up success in the marketplace."

"We are very excited to partner with the People Report team, as they share our commitment to giving employers the information and insight they need to create high-performing workforces," said Julie Moreland, president of PeopleClues. "We look forward to working together with People Report to give food-service industry organizations the knowledge that can help them hire the best talent and bring their companies to the next level."

About People Report
People Report provides service-sector human capital and workforce analytics for its members on a monthly basis. Its sister company, Black Box Intelligence, provides weekly financial and market data for the restaurant industry. Together they report on over 30,000 restaurant units, one million employees and 32 billion dollars in sales.

About PeopleClues
PeopleClues is a global provider of employment assessments for measuring job fit, attitude and level of engagement for candidates and employees. These assessments are built for pre-employment screening, career development, team development as well as training and development. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, PeopleClues provides the assessment tools that allow thousands of companies in 8 countries to make better hiring and training decisions. PeopleClues has also recently launched an industry game changer with its "ACE" "Automated Candidate Experience" product providing Clients a huge strategic advantage in allowing their candidates who have taken the assessments to instantly receive personalized information on how to improve the way they present themselves in their resume and interview. PeopleClues strategic partners include PeopleMatter, Insperity (formerly known as Administaff), CareerBuilder, Bond International (formerly known as VCG Software), Success Performance Solutions, Reliant, Prophecy Healthcare and Getting Hired.

For additional information, contact info@peopleclues.com, visit www.peopleclues.com, or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/peopleclues and Twitter @PeopleClues.