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Pepper Hamilton, Akin Gump Alums Launch New Phila. Firm

Lisa L. Dailey, Jeffery A. Dailey, Gay Parks Rainville and Alfred Anthony Brown of Dailey LLP.

Lisa Dailey, Jeffery Dailey, Gay Parks Rainville and Alfred Anthony Brown of Dailey LLP.

A new Philadelphia law firm made its debut this week, helmed by a pair of lawyers whose backgrounds include years at major firms in the city.

Jeffery Dailey and Gay Parks Rainville officially launched the boutique litigation firm, Dailey LLP, on Monday.

Dailey was a partner at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld for nearly two decades. Rainville was most recently special counsel at Pepper Hamilton—she was previously a partner in that firm, and started there as an associate in 1988. Between now and then, she spent time at other organizations as well, including several years at small law firm Harkins Cunningham and a year in-house at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation, according to her LinkedIn profile.

"There’s two segments of the legal industry that are going to thrive going forward: firms like the firms we came from … and experienced boutique firms that can provide a different value propositions," Dailey said in an interview. "What we’re going to be able to offer is a highly experienced team ... in a smaller, more nimble firm."

Joining the co-founders at Dailey LLP are lawyers Alfred Anthony Brown and Lisa Dailey.

Brown, who is planning to join soon, is an e-discovery process design and management attorney, who has done work for law firms including Akin Gump, Dechert, RatnerPrestia, and Richards, Layton & Finger. He is also a contract litigator for Kline & Specter.

Lisa Dailey previously worked for Philadelphia construction law firm Venzie, Phillips & Warshawer. Recently she has been taking some time away from the legal profession to care for her three sons. She is married to firm co-founder Jeffery Dailey.

The new firm will be focused on complex commercial litigation, class actions, shareholder and derivative litigation, and professional liability matters for accounting firms. Its lawyers will be based in Philadelphia and Media, Pennsylvania. Jeffery and Lisa Dailey will also practice out of New York sometimes, where they are both licensed.

While Dailey LLP is a partnership and Jeffery Dailey and Rainville are designated as co-founders, Dailey said the firm will not publicly denote who is partner and who is not.

"If you look at our website we’re all listed as 'attorneys,'" Dailey said. "When you have obligations to a client, they’re the same whether you’re 25 or 55."

Dailey said he and the rest of the group are still sorting out which clients will be joining them at their new firm, "but I'm very excited about our prospects." Some of the firm's work, he noted, will likely originate through referrals from larger law firms as they encounter conflicts, or when the client needs certain services at a lower rate.

In addition to standing out for its smaller size and the savings associated from that, Dailey said the firm's technology infrastructure will be modern, with the intent to provide better client service and eliminate some administrative costs.

"By using more experienced attorneys and integrated and innovative technology, our approach truly focuses on client needs, eliminates traditional law firm inefficiencies and administrative bloat, and produces better client results at a lower overall cost," Rainville added in a statement.

The firm will likely add lawyers in the near future, Dailey said. But the lawyers have not brought on any staff from their former firms, and they are still evaluating their needs in that respect, he said.

In a statement Wednesday, Akin Gump litigation partner David Comerford said: "Jeff is a first-rate litigator and was a wonderful partner and colleague for many years. I will miss practicing with him, but I am happy for him and wish him nothing but the best as he embarks on this exciting new chapter in his career."

A spokesman for Pepper Hamilton said the firm wishes Rainville well.

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