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Pepsi Turns To Sawdust For Help With Its Plastic Problem

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Plastic bottles continue to be a problem for companies struggling to make it clear they care about combating climate change...and nabbing that ESG rating. But could the solution be sawdust? Dusted Origin Materials is an Ontario-based company that has found a way to make plastic bottles using sawdust, a sustainably-sourced material. Both Pepsi and Nestle plan to sell water in the plant-based bottles by early 2022, and Origin is busy buying as much dust from sawmills as it can get. Cycles and recycles Plastic water bottles can be recycled, which is certainly a good thing. But the recycling process is not perfect. Many plastic bottles are made from petroleum, which emit climate-damaging pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Recently, petrochemical companies have become concerned about nurdles, which are the resin peas used to make plastic bottles, and which can emit harmful waste when not properly recycled. Bottle It In That companies are trying to find ways to not only be more environmentally conscious but finding ways to be more efficient in the ways they go about that, shows the increasing importance of ESG investing to corporations. Even Coca-Cola has launched the World Without Waste initiative, wherein it will recycle a bottle or can for each one it sells by 2030. Reportedly, Coke did so at least partly because investors kept bringing up plastics during earnings calls. -Michael Tedder Johannes Christo/REUTERS