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The Perfect Brew for a Fulfilling Retirement

Dave Bernard

For coffee lovers, there is nothing better than the smell of freshly ground beans in preparation for a satisfying cup of java. A fragrant aroma fills the room as the brew trickles through the filter, requiring real self control to not tip the pot just a bit to steal a cup before the process is complete. But that patience pays off when you nestle in your hands that steamy, rich mug of dark wonderfulness and savor the first sip. Preparation along with the proper ingredients, patience, and a commitment to the end result can make baristas of us all. That same strategy of preparing and planning using the right equipment and ingredients can apply to living a fulfilling retirement:

Good coffee takes effort. Living a meaningful retirement also requires considerable foresight. Few of us are born with an innate ability to make the perfect cup of coffee right off the bat. We need to find just the right beans for our personal taste, decide if we prefer drip or espresso, determine the ideal grind, and learn the right amount of milk to add. It takes practice, a bit of trial and error, and we need to stick with it to get it just right. If we don't plan ahead, we may end up with a passable brew, but not the best cup possible.

Just as we sample different coffee beans to find out what we like best, we should experiment with and pursue different passions in retirement. Possibilities that intrigued us at a time in our life when we could not chase them are now ready to be explored. If one retirement goal does not work out as we would have liked, we can try another. And just as our tastes in coffee can change over time, we should also be prepared to shift gears in retired life to pursue new passions that excite and inspire us.

We look forward each day to a fresh cup of perfect coffee. There is nothing better than the first cup of coffee in the morning. Our anticipation helps get us out of bed, and once we are sipping our beverage, we feel ready to undertake the day. Living a fulfilling retirement is similarly empowering when we have things to do that we are passionate about. We cannot wait to get out of bed and start the day knowing that we love what we will be doing. With this inspiration waiting, we can look forward to each day and all that it has to offer.

The right coffee beans and equipment are key. Fresh, good-quality beans, crystal clear water, and the right grind for the cup you desire help you realize the best results. Retirees also need the right ingredients to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Good mental and physical health are essential. A positive outlook and optimism about the future will also considerably improve your retirement years. Stir in your passions to inspire your retirement years. All of the right ingredients can combine to give you the perfect retirement environment that is both relaxing and meaningful.

If the cup gets a bit cold, you need to heat things up. Getting the most out of retired life requires us to sometimes step outside of our comfort zone to stir things up a bit. We may be happy with the status quo for the moment, but boredom can also creep into your retirement years. Adding some variety can help boost the excitement level. Who wants to drink a cold cup of coffee or live a boring predictable retirement? To heat up your retired life, be creative and take a chance at something you have never done before.

Dave Bernard is the author of Are You Just Existing and Calling it a Life?, which offers guidelines to discover your personal passion and live a life of purpose. Not yet retired, Dave has begun his due diligence to plan for a fulfilling retirement. With a focus on the non-financial aspects of retiring, he shares his discoveries and insights on his blog Retirement-Only the Beginning.

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