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Perfume & Cologne Cyber Monday 2019 Deals List: Best Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gucci, Polo & Dior Fragrances Deals Shared by The Consumer Post


Save on perfume deals during Cyber Monday 2019 with our up-to-date guide to the best Chanel, Polo, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Versace, Dior and Calvin Klein women’s perfume and cologne deals

Here’s the best perfume deals for Cyber Monday 2019. The list below contains links to the best Cyber Monday deals on Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Polo and more designer fragrances, as identified by the team of researchers at The Consumer Post.

Best Perfume deals:

Cyber Monday sales run for a limited time. Visit Amazon’s Cyber Monday page and Walmart’s Cyber Monday home page for their latest deals. The Consumer Post earns commissions from purchases made using the links provided.

A perfume is a mood enhancer and can foster self-confidence. Their scent lasts longer than cologne because the latter has a lesser concentration of essential oils in them. One of the most iconic perfumes in the world is Chanel No. 5 with its mix of floral, citrusy scents layered over a warm woody base. Coco Chanel describes it as “smelling like a woman.” Despite its popularity, Chanel is outranked in price. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle sells for $1 million. Other notable names in the perfume industry are Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Polo.

What’s special about Cyber Monday deals? Most Black Friday sales are available up until Cyber Monday the week after. On Cyber Monday, retailers offer new online-only deals and other special promotions that are typically focused on electronics and popular household items.

In 2018, Cyber Monday generated a record breaking $7.9 billion in sales, according to Adobe Analytics.

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