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PERSONAL FINANCE How much does pet insurance cost in Mexico?

Alto Nivel
·3 min read

In Mexico we love having pets , we consider them part of the family and, as such, we spend whatever is necessary for their well-being. Eight out of ten households in the country have a pet ; this is more common than having children under the age of 9, according to BBVA data.

In addition, six out of ten Mexicans take their pets to the vet more than three times a year. This means that in 2019, 797 million cats were spent on medical care for dogs and cats, according to data from the bank.

For this reason, more and more people are interested in hiring medical insurance for their cat or dog and thus anticipating veterinary expenses and even funerals. But what options are there on the market? We show you some so that you can choose the one that best suits your pocket and your furry friend.


The bank recently launched an insurance for dogs and cats that covers accidental death, funeral expenses and damages to third parties for up to 10,000 pesos. It also gives two free visits to a veterinarian at home and two in the office.

Coverage is also included in the following cases:

  • Veterinary references

  • Guidance for traveling with pets

  • Advice in case of loss

  • Telephone legal assistance

  • Telephone veterinary assistance

  • Discounts at veterinary clinics

  • Hospitalization

  • Studies by veterinary prescription

The characteristics that the pet must have in order to be insured are:

  • Must be a domestic dog or cat

  • Be between 6 months and 9 years old

  • It does not matter if you are mongrel or of a particular race

That cost has? You can quote the insurance on the BBVA page by entering some information about your pet, but in most cases the annual cost is $ 2,400.19 pesos, VAT included.

In 2019, 797 million cats were spent on medical care for dogs and cats / Image: Depositphotos.com


Unlike BBVA, this insurance is only for dogs, but it has other benefits depending on the coverage you want to take out.

For example, coverage for death or forced sacrifice is 5,000 pesos in the basic package, while in the plus it amounts to 35,000. This second package also covers search expenses in case of loss, medical expenses due to accidents, lodging of the dog in case of hospitalization of the owner and up to 35,000 pesos for robbery with violence.

These are the requirements they ask:

  • From 6 months to 7 years of age, maximum renewal up to 12 years of age.

  • Animals must have a valid vaccination, deworming and photograph record at the time of hiring.

  • For insured sums greater than $ 15,000.00: Microchip and / or tattoo and Pedigree.

According to information on the Mapfre website, the total cost of insurance in a basic package starts at $ 200 pesos, the Premium at 430 and the Plus, from $ 1,500 pesos.

Sura RSA

This covers dogs and cats from zero to 14 years old, and the insured amount depends on the age of the pet. For example, if your cat is less than one year old, the insurance covers 90% of the insured amount, and if it is 14 years old, only 20%.

The insurance benefits are:

  • Fees for veterinary treatment

  • Purchase price in case of death, theft or loss

  • Liability to a third party.

HDI Insurance

If you travel often in your car with a dog or cat, this may interest you. HDI Seguros includes care for your pet in the coverage of medical expenses in auto insurance.

Pets that travel inside your car and suffer injuries due to an accident are protected by a sum of 15 thousand pesos for veterinary attention or funeral expenses. The breed and size of the pet does not matter.