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Personal Submarines Give Uber-Wealthy Another Way to Travel

Jeff Perez

What kind of ride do you buy for the man that has everything? Not some ridiculous $4.5M open top Lamborghini. It’s something a bit smaller. And wetter. We’re talking about a personal submarine, of course. Triton Submarines, out of Vero Beach, Florida, was recently in attendance at the Monaco Yacht Show this past September. Rather than feature your run-of-the-mil luxury yacht, they were showing off a submersible form of personal transportation.

Triton Submarine 2

In a recent interview, vice-president Marc Deppe said that Triton is on track to double sales of its personal submarine within the next 12 months. He says this growth is partly in thanks to the yacht market and improved technology.

“Yacht sizes have been increasing to the point where they can carry a submersible,” said Deppe, “And technology is advancing to the point where it was practical and affordable to have one.”

Triton Submarine 3

“Affordable,” in this sense, is somewhere in the market of $2.2 to $4.75 million. A market reserved for a few uber-wealthy yacht owners. The submarines are offered in 10 different variants. They are capable of diving to 5,500 feet, and you can opt for seating for two, three, four, six, or eight. With a little bit of training, you can take the whole family on a trip to the depths of the ocean.

Triton Submarine 4

It’s like your own personal luxury SUV of the sea.

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