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From Personal Tragedy To Re-Inventing The Wig

Lili Clarke, Inc Launches A New Wig Design Focused On Comfort, Durability, Quality & Beauty

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa., Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Personal tragedy, a love for wigs and a vision to address all of the deficiencies she saw in design and quality led visionary Lili Clarke to re-invent the wig.  For comfort, durability, quality, and a luxurious look and feel, the Lili Clarke wig and hair extensions are meant to be the equivalent of what "Hermes" is to fashion.

Four years ago, Co-Founder/CEO, Lili Clarke suffered a tragic fall which left her unsure if she would ever walk again without assistance or regain her short-term memory.  Suffering from a traumatic brain injury, Lili lost part of her short-term memory and some of her cognitive abilities.  However, this single mother of three would not accept defeat and was determined to do everything possible to recover. Lili began to wear wigs and put on makeup each day to convince her children she was okay and that she was her old-self. 

In wearing wigs, she regained her confidence and found out the healing power looking beautiful had on her brain. She also discovered that most wigs were uncomfortable, tangled and shedded significantly and were not flexible when it came to styling. One of Lili's friends, a cancer victim and an avid wig user herself, passed away shortly after being diagnosed and told Lili that she was depressed as she could not wear the wigs she loved as they were too uncomfortable.

To honor her friend's memory, Lili set about to re-invent the wig in a manner that would have benefited her friend:

  • Complete flexibility for parting and styling due to patent-pending wig cap design
  • Ultimate comfort because there are no clips or combs to irritate the scalp of people with no hair
  • No chemical process since the hair come from a single donor
  • Artisan craftsmanship: each wig is fully hand-tied and takes 7 days to be assembled

After two years of research, design and sourcing the best hair available in the world in Southern Chinese villages and Ukraine, Lili Clarke, Inc will unveil their product line.  

The products will be distributed through an affiliate network program that will enable hairstylists, Social Media Influencers and Wig aficionados to generate a significant extra income.

Lili Clarke, to honor her friend will donate to a Children's Cancer Research Center one wig (or its dollar equivalent) for every 20 wigs sold by the company.

The Official Launch Party & Pop Up Shop to be held on Saturday, September 14 in Atlanta, Georgia will be hosted by Lili Clarke, Celebrity hair stylist, Derek J (@DerekJHair) as well as social media influencers @PHFAME, @MISSLULUSIMMONS, @_SELAM and @MXRVSSA at Suite Food Lounge from 2PM to 9PM, followed by a red-carpet event at Opium from 10PM3AM


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