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Personalis, Inc. Expands Oncology Portfolio With the Launch of Cancer Whole Genome Sequencing Services


Personalis, Inc. (Nasdaq: PSNL), a leader in advanced genomics for cancer, today announced the launch of Personalis’ Cancer Whole Genome Sequencing which further extends Personalis’ portfolio of comprehensive cancer genomics services designed to maximize biological insights from tumor samples.

“This new offering continues our push to provide our customers genomics solutions that enable deeper insights into patient responses to oncology therapies,” said John West, CEO of Personalis. “We are uniquely poised to provide a leading cancer whole genome sequencing solution which combines Personalis’ deep technology and experience in analyzing cancer samples for biopharma oncology clinical trials and the large-scale laboratory and data systems developed for the VA MVP program, one of the largest whole genome sequencing programs in the world.”

Earlier this year, Personalis was awarded a new task order under its contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the VA Million Veteran Program (VA MVP). This order brought the cumulative scale of orders received to date from the VA MVP to over 110,000 human genomes. Since 2013, Personalis has sequenced over 40,000 MVP samples. Personalis anticipates it will sequence the additional samples over the coming years as they are received from the VA.

“As our understanding of the complexity of underlying mechanisms of cancer grows, it is becoming increasingly important to evaluate genome-wide structural variants, and other forms of non-coding genetic variation,” commented Dr. Richard Chen, CSO of Personalis. “This new service advances our position at the leading edge of cancer translational research with biopharma customers.”

About Personalis, Inc.

Personalis, Inc. is a growing cancer genomics company transforming the development of next-generation therapies by providing more comprehensive molecular data about each patient’s cancer and immune response. The company’s NeXT Platform is designed to adapt to the complex and evolving understanding of cancer, providing its biopharmaceutical customers with information on all of the approximately 20,000 human genes, together with the immune system, from a single tissue sample. Personalis also provides genomic information to the VA Million Veterans Program as part of their goal to sequence over a million veteran genomes. The Personalis Clinical Laboratory is GxP aligned as well as CLIA’88-certified and CAP-accredited. For more information, please visit www.personalis.com and follow Personalis on Twitter (@PersonalisInc).

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