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Pertubuhan Integriti Nicky Liow Malaysia & Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia Donates 76,920 Masks and Medical Supplies to Covid-19 Infected China Witnessed by Local Celebrities

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee through his charity foundations, Pertubuhan Integriti Nicky Liow Malaysia and Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia, along with the support of local Malaysian celebrity Excella Chong, singer-songwriter, has donated shipments of masks and medical supplies, amounting to 76,920 masks for the COVID-19 infected areas to help control the epidemic outbreak and to generate higher confidence in life for its survival.

Group Photo of Pertubuhan Integriti Nicky Liow Malaysia & Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia


Excella Chong, Malaysian Singer/Songwriter with Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee, Founder of Pertubuhan Integriti Nicky Liow Malaysia and Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia

The mask and medical supplies were delivered via helicopter from Japan and Malaysia to the COVID-19 infected areas in China, specifically delivered to Wuhan University Renmin Hospital, General Hospital of Henan Oil Field Nanyang, Center Hospital of Nanyang, Bose City People's Hospital, Regional Council and a few others. In the wake of the epidemic, Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee and his team has been working tirelessly and efficiently to source, purchase and deliver medical masks, thermometers, disinfection water, medicines and other relevant medical supply to be sent to the above-mentioned areas. (Here's a news link from Xinyi City, China acknowledging the donations of the masks and medical supplies received: https://youtu.be/5ozV3XmQh4I).

According to Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee, "My team and I have been concerned and attentive to the developments of the COVID-19 epidemic in China and we will continue to make the necessary donations and purchases of medical supplies as required by the authorities to contain and prevent further outbreaks of the epidemic. We hope that with our medical, emotional and spiritual support will give inspiration and encouragement to the victims in the infected areas to stay strong during these difficult times."

Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee, who has been passionately in business with China (especially Xingyi City and Wuhan) in the past decade, reiterated the importance of China within the global economy and the impacts caused to other economies around the world, especially Malaysia. After becoming a successful entrepreneur in various industries, including e-Commerce platform, mobile Internet platform, network design, blockchain technology and software development across Southeast Asia at the age of 27, Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee has since aligned his business and his own personal vision towards giving back to the community with the philosophy to spread love & care with various communities across the globe.

With the new inspiration, vision and direction, Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee desire to contribute back to the community is stronger than ever. Over the years, through Pertubuhan Integriti Nicky Liow Malaysia and Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia, Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee has been able to carry out ample of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program such as a donation of a brand new Ambulance to the Community Policing Association of Malaysia, monthly donation of RM10,000 to the Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children Center Melaka (which has accumulated to a total of RM460,000 in donation to date), donation of RM500,000 for the construction and expansion of a 90 year old Sri Maha Muniswarar Temple in Ampang Jaya donated RM900,000 to build a prestigious International School based in Malaysia, donated Rm300,000 to Ti-Ratana Charity Home and many other contributions.

About Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia

Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia, founded by Dato' Sri Liow Soon Hee, is a charity foundation that strives to assist its community of poor and needy people.

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