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Pet Travel: How to Fly With Your Pet

While pets are beloved members of the family, they often get left behind when their owners travel, simply because many owners don’t know how to travel with their furry friends in-tow. Explore these pet travel tips to help keep you (and your pets) calm and stress-free; allowing you both to enjoy the ride! Click here for high-resolution version

BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwired - Jan 17, 2014) - Flying with a pet takes a bit more planning than booking that luxurious pet friendly hotel, so before takeoff check out this useful list of pet travel tips from Marriott for a stress-free flight with your pet.

Get Ready...

When you book your flight, consider the time of day and time of year you'll be traveling: dogs and cats are more comfortable traveling at night during the summer and during the day in the winter. Not all airlines are pet friendly, so be sure to ask about any available amenities when you book your flight. Be sure to ask about the medical forms you'll need to have on hand at check in, and double-check your reservation 36 hours before you depart.

Get Set...

Ensuring your pet's comfort on the journey includes using the right type of carrier. Choose a plastic carrier with a solid bottom that can be lined with your pet's favorite towel in case of accidents. The carrier should be large enough to completely contain your pet, allowing them to both stand up and freely turn around when inside.


On the day of departure, feed your pet no more than four hours before you leave and make sure to bring water and a bowl for your pet while you wait to board.

The journey may be half the fun, but we think the best part of any trip is when you arrive at one of our pet friendly hotels. Choose from more than 1,200 hotels for a warm welcome from our friendly staff.

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