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Petition to get Danny DeVito to play Wolverine passes 20k signatures

Clarisse Loughrey

A petition created in support of Danny DeVito becoming the next Wolverine has surpassed 20,000 signatures.

Although the character has been played so far on the big screen by Hugh Jackman, the actor officially retired the character in 2017’s Logan, and rumours about his replacement have been persistent ever since.

In a petition on change.org, user Ring Arius wrote: “The only man able to take the throne after Hugh Jackman. We believe that if Wolverine is to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the only man able to pull it off is Danny DeVito.”

One signatory wrote: “His level of self-deprecation and rude aggression is only rivalled by that of Wolverine, and I quote both by saying, ‘When I die, just throw me in the trash.’ Both drink like fish outta water and smoke more cigars than Ulysses S Grant and Fidel Castro combined. He IS Wolverine. Just cast him with Ryan Reynolds and you won’t regret it.”

20th Century Fox had the rights to Wolverine until this year, when the studio was acquired by Disney, who now owns the character alongside the rest of the X–Men.

Although there’s been no official news on the matter, fans have assumed that super-powered mutants will eventually make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The next film in the X–Men franchise, Dark Phoenix, will be released in UK cinemas on 5 June.