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Petmate® Debuts New Collections at Global Pet Expo

ORLANDO, Fla., March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Petmate, the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry providing trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families, announces its newest innovations in pet care products and toys at Global Pet Expo 2017 in Orlando, Florida.  This year's new collections are highlighted by an innovative new approach to help soothe dog anxiety, captivating new additions to the play category and an expanded product line from Jackson Galaxy. The company is also introducing new training tools from Brandon McMillan, a new bite on treat toys from JW, a breath of fresh air on fetch play from Chuckit! and new technology in the retractable leash category with the K-9 Control Retractable Leash.

"Year after year we strive to develop products that best foster the special bond between pets and their families," said Chris Wilson, executive vice president of marketing and product development. "It's especially exciting to break new ground with this year's innovations in pet care and play with new products that showcase our innovation in technology, design, and fun."

Petmate debuts CALMZ® Anxiety Relief System for dogs combining high-tech innovation with acupressure in a revolutionary new non-invasive, drug-free treatment that soothes common anxiety that often arises as a result of thunderstorms, fireworks, encounters with strangers, travel, separation, and loud noises.

  • This innovative system features an adjustable Comfort Fit Vest that holds the Calmz device over specific acupressure points on your dog's spine. When the device is activated, the clinically proven NeuroSync™ Technology takes over. NeuroSync Technology combines a therapeutic medley of classical music and a specially calibrated tone to create a vibration. This multi-faceted approach eases anxiety in a completely new way.
    • The system employs vestibular (audible) and peripheral sensory (tactile) stimulations to achieve test-proven anxiety relief in dogs
    • Vestibular stimulation is the result of a low-frequency C-note tone that is blended with a modified version of the classical piece, Beethoven's Für Elise
    • Peripheral sensory stimulation comes from the massaging sensation generated from the device when placed on acupressure calming points along the spine

Cat Play
Petmate continues to expand its award-winning cat product line developed with renowned cat behavior expert and animal advocate Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell." The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate features captivating play products and expands into new categories including feeding and watering, litter, carriers, bedding and more. Each product speaks to natural cat behaviors – Hunt, Catch, Kill, Eat, Groom and Sleep. Highlighting this year's collection:

  • The Butterfly in a Ball creates the ultimate in satisfying hunt play with its sensor-activated action that sets the butterfly fluttering within the ball when it is pushed by a stalking cat.
  • The Whisker-Stress Prevention Bowl and Less-Mess Bowl feature a unique concave design to help relieve whisker stress during meals and a smooth stainless steel surface to prevent cats from developing chin acne. 

Brandon McMillan Training Products
Petmate has teamed up with celebrity dog trainer Brandon McMillan, host of the Emmy-award winning Lucky Dog show on CBS TV, to debut a new line of dog training products featured in his new book, Lucky Dog Lessons

  • Shake & Break is a training tool to help stop unwanted pet behavior.  The noise made by shaking the tool breaks the dog's focus and stops bad behavior in its tracks.  
  • The new Lure Stick, is a treat reward training tool, designed to encourage dogs to heel, keep them from pulling on the leash and redirects their attention; it literally lures the dog back to the pet parent.  

Dog Toys
Petmate expands its popular Chuckit! toy line, offering More Ways to Play® outdoors:

  • Chuckit! Breathe Right® Fetch Ball is a high performance ball designed to facilitate breathing and airflow into dogs' lungs while running and fetching and is compatible with all Chuckit! Launchers. 

Always a favorite for play time, the JW Collection, known for its durability and multifunction action, expands with new dog toys that are designed with intelligent ideas and patented manufacturing.  This year's collection features an extra element of fun with mixed materials and a new take on the popular Hol-ee® toys:

  • Inspired by the best-selling Hol-ee Roller, the Hol-ee Gourmet line offers a variety of 2 in 1 treat toys that encourage dogs to play. Fill the rubber outer shell with harder larger treats and the inner nylon bone with soft spreadable treats. These fun toys are featured in the shapes of a peanut, turkey leg and steak. 

K-9 Control Retractable Leash
Petmate redefines the functionality of retractable leashes for more control and safety with the first-ever leash that can be retracted in the lock mode. This new technology represents the first functional change in retractable leashes since their introduction in 1971.

  • The K-9 Control Retractable Leash features the new patented Zero Slack Technology that keeps the leash taut while locked or in the temporary brake position.  This gentle tension provides control and keeps the dog from moving forward. The owner can safely pull back the dog without worrying about excess slack.  

Petmate puts a new twist on healthy eating with the new Diggin' Diner 2 Cup Feeder.

  • This unique feeder is designed to slow pet's intake of food with a strategic opening that allows dry food to fall out at a healthy pace while encouraging physical and mental stimulation. 

About Petmate
Founded in 1963, and headquartered in Arlington, Texas, Petmate is passionate about providing fun, trusted quality products worldwide to enhance the lives of pets and their families. The company's vision, to be the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry, encapsulates its commitment to deliver award- winning, innovative ideas daily to each of its product categories including bedding, kennels, dog houses, feeding and watering products, litter maintenance products, toys, collars, leads and travel. Petmate's portfolio of pet, family-favorite brands include Aspen Pet®, Chuckit!®, Dogzilla®, Jackson Galaxy®, JW®, MuttNation™ Fueled by Miranda Lambert and WWE®.  For more information, visit www.petmate.com.


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