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Pfizer recalls antidepressant after report of wrong drug in bottle

March 6 (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc said on Thursday it was recalling two lots of its Effexor XR antidepressant and another lot of its generic version of the drug after a pharmacist reported finding one capsule of a different medicine in a bottle of Effexor.

"Although Pfizer has not received any other such reports, these three lots are being voluntarily recalled as a precaution because they were packaged on the same line," the largest U.S. drugmaker said in an announcement of the recall.

The other drug found by the pharmacist was Tikosyn, which is used to treat a common and potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.

"The use of Tikosyn by an Effexor XR patient, where the contraindications and drug-drug interactions with Tikosyn have not been considered by the prescribing physician, could cause serious adverse health consequences that could be fatal," Pfizer said.

The three lots total about 104,450 bottles of the medicine, known generically as venlafaxine, Pfizer said. Of those, about 65,800 had reached U.S. pharmacies.

The recalls involved one lot of 30-count bottles of Effexor XR; one lot of 90-count bottles of the branded drug, and one lot of venlafaxine 150 mg extended release capsules sold by Greenstone LLC. It is a generic drugmaker owned by Pfizer.

Generic versions of the drug made by other manufacturers are unaffected by the recall.