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Phil Knight Has His Own Locker In Oregon's New $68-Million Football Facility

Tony Manfred
phil knight nike founder

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Oregon's new football facility is like nothing we've ever seen in college sports.

There's a lobby with 64 TVs, a barber shop, a crazy coaches' war room, and a world-class weight room with a floor made of unbreakable Brazilian wood.

It reportedly cost $68 million to build, though school officials told the New York Times that they actually had no idea how much the final cost was.

It was paid for by a donation from Nike founder and Oregon booster Phil Knight — who has been instrumental in turning the school into a football powerhouse through donations and Nike's aggressive branding.

Knight is as much a part of the Oregon team as the players and coaches, so it's fitting that he actually has his own locker in the facility's space-age locker room.

It says "Uncle Phil":

Yes, Phil Knight has his own locker #goducks pic.twitter.com/7uSALjUwto

— Jen Beyrle (@JenBeyrle) August 5, 2013

The lockerrom is gorgeous:

oregon football facility lockers vanishing

Sports Illustrated screenshot

Every locker has double doors with the player's name and hometown on it:

oregon football facility lockers open

Sports Illustrated screenshot

There's a phone charging station:

oregon football facility locker phone charger

Sports Illustrated screenshot

The pads lower down from above:

oregon football facility locker shoulder pads

Sports Illustrated screenshot

The entire facility is worth check out.

Click here to take a photo tour >

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