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Philadelphia SEO Company WitBlade Reveals Most Common Mistake in E-Commerce, Launches Repair Service

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2016 / In today's tech world, anyone can start an online business with relative ease. E-commerce has emerged as one of the most popular ways for people and businesses to make money online.

Whether a business is selling its own product or drop-shipping a majority of their orders, success often hinges on the ability to gain more and more traffic to the website. This often comes with clever advertising campaigns and useful content on the site itself.

Few people, however, are in the know about technical SEO and often neglect some very important aspects of their web presence. "We are now in the age of the 'semantic web,' where machine learning and AI are heading to the forefront of SEO," says Ryan Rodden, schema.org markup expert. "Store owners need to provide as much information to the search engines as possible or products will not be eligible for rich snippets and extended features offered in Google search."

Rodden says that few e-commerce websites take advantage of schema.org code, and most business owners are not even aware that it exists, which he revealed in a recent interview on Schemaapp.com.

The following is an example search results display:

The image above obtained from Google

It's fairly obvious that the star ratings, vote count, and pricing ("free") from the second listing stand out prominently. This display can lead to more clicks to a particular web page, where a product is sold.

The fact is almost any e-commerce site can gain a product listing like this by following the correct guidelines available from Google and the database at schema.org.

Many e-commerce stores have the code implemented, but don't realize that the guidelines and standards have changed. Google offers a way to determine if a product listing is missing critical information. For example, it will provide a warning if the markup is not quite correct:

It will also reveal errors that need to be fixed. More often than not, this disqualifies a product listing or blog post from gaining rich snippets in the search results page:

Rodden says that this mistake is very common when evaluating an e-commerce website. The issue is found on small e-commerce startups to online giants where many people shop daily.

"It's by far the one thing that few online stores seem to get right, let alone understand. After evaluating hundreds of websites, it's easily the most frequent mistake."

Online stores can see an increase in traffic and conversions by correctly implementing the code according to the most recent set of guidelines presented by the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most business owners are not aware of this and must rely on a search marketing expert like Rodden to provide a solution.

WitBlade, a search engine optimization company based out of Philadelphia, PA, now offers a service to address the issue for companies that need a quick fix.

"Some businesses don't need a full blown advertising campaign, but they do need a tune-up when it comes to properly implementing the code according to the new standards. We offer this solution as a stand alone service," says Rodden.

As technology advances, many businesses have converted their services or offerings to an online ordering format. This requires technical knowledge and brings in a new era of SEO techniques that will set a new standard for the online shopping experience.

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