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Phillies pitcher somehow catches a comebacker in his jersey

Three things they teach you in Little League: Ready position, keep your eye on the ball and catch it with your jersey.

OK, so maybe no Little League coach ever said that last one, but Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Nick Pivetta did it anyways Monday night. Pivetta was facing the Los Angeles Dodgers — specifically catcher Austin Barnes — and when Barnes ripped a comebacker right at Pivetta, the pitcher pulled off the type of catch you don’t often see.

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He caught it inside his jersey. For real. It slipped right in there between a couple buttons. Even more amazing: The ball was moving at 106 mph off Barnes’ bat and Pivetta quickly and calmly pulled it out and showed everyone he “caught” it. Here, watch it over and over until you believe in magic.

Phillies pitcher Nick Pivetta catches a comebacker with his jersey. (MLB.tv)

Have you ever seen a catch like this? Can’t say we remember one. And it sure beats a 106 mph baseball hitting a pitcher in the chest or head.

Lucky? Sure. But lucky is better than hurt.

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