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PHOTO: Anthony Weiner Ends His Campaign By Giving The Press The Finger

Walter Hickey

After giving his concession speech Tuesday, Anthony Weiner sprinted away from the media scrum surrounding him outside of Connolly's Irish Pub in Midtown Manhattan, jumping into a black SUV. 

The reporters (including me) had been tailing him for the whole, undignified night. At one point, he sprinted through a McDonald's to avoid us.

Weiner handled the confrontation with his typical tact. That is, he gave the finger to Shimon Prokupecz, a reporter for WNBC, New York's local NBC affiliate.

At first, we thought nobody had gotten a photo of Weiner's gesture. Luckily, New York 1 did! Video producer Kate Rose tweeted it out! Here's the  photographic evidence that Weiner saluted the press on his way out:

A blurry image of #Weiner saying goodbye with his middle finger as he drives off from HQ tonight. cc: @BuzzFeedAndrew pic.twitter.com/8fKnA5yLLz

— Kate Rose (@KateRoseMe) September 11, 2013

Lindsey Christ of NY1 also snagged a shot of the bird

A photo of our video (on the screen in our truck) of Weiner in his car with his middle finger up. pic.twitter.com/377kUWpSq2

— Lindsey Christ (@LindseyChrist) September 11, 2013

Thanks Anthony! Glad you enjoyed the campaign as much as we did!

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