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How Photography and Social Media Completely Shaped Michelangelo Azzariti's Future

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / December 23, 2019 / Our lives are flooded with social media, and the best part of it has got to be how photography has blended in. The internet is overflowing with images taken, edited, and posted by users. It is incredible when you stop to think about how many photos are uploaded to websites. You shouldn't be surprised that every year, there are more than 60 billion photos taken. Most of these pictures end up on social media. While some would say social media is destroying the art form of photography, that it does an injustice to real professional photographers out there. You've got to admit, however, that there are some to whom the social media-photography blend has brought more benefit than detriment. One such person is celebrated Italian photographer, Michelangelo Azzariti.

Converting Passion into Business

Since childhood, Michelangelo has always traveled. He recalls how he would take trips to the mountains of Alta Badia and take back beautiful pictures with him. Michelangelo's dream of owning a professional camera was one of many that had not yet come true. All he had at the time was a smartphone, which he used both to take pictures and post them on Instagram. The passion Michelangelo had for photography motivated him to work hard so that he could save enough money to buy the equipment he needed to practice professionally. The young Italian photographer worked as a bartender and sometimes as a waiter to earn a living and sustain the hope of becoming a travel influencer one day. His dreams were not shortlived as he was finally able to turn his passion into a meaningful and lucrative business. Today, Michelangelo Azzariti is a household name in Italy's fashion, travel, and hospitality industries. If you are a fan of Italy's fashion and tourist destinations, you've probably interacted with a few of Michelangelo's pictures as they are well strewn in top-notch websites, including the official Instagram page for Italian Tourism.

How Social Media Brought About the Big Break

Michelangelo says that "photography has become more and more important in my life, thanks to Instagram." He joined the social media platform way back in 2013. He says the results of his action more than six years ago have not been slow in coming. Some of Michelangelo's best shots have been noticed and re-shared on famous profiles, even the national level. Although people have always loved his work on Instagram, Michelangelo remembers his big break as having come when people began asking him for travel tips and hacks. That is how he morphed into the travel influencer he is today. However, the real turning point came in 2016 when he began to follow the advice of digital entrepreneur Dario Vignali. "Through my interaction with Dario Vignali, I understood how to propose myself to hotels and brands to start collaborations. Unforgettable for me was the excitement of my first collaborations with two hotels in Latvia, after only a few days of following Vignali's priceless advice," Michelangelo recalls.

Nowadays, social media has become very important because you can reach thousands of people in the world in just one click. Therefore, the task of advertising is changing, and all the big brands have noticed the potential of social media.

What the Future Looks Like

Michelangelo's biggest dream is to continue being significant in the world of travel blogging. "I want to travel the world to communicate to my community how vast the world is, with its different culture only after a few kilometers from our home." He clearly understands the place of adventure in life and is willing to open its possibilities and secrets to the world. "To me," he says, "the thing that should interest us to communicate and reach out is not the trip to the Maldives in an extra-luxury villa, but to immerse ourselves in the local population and to discover traditions and culture different from ours."

Many amateur photographers receive jobs rarely and quickly lose interest in pursuing their passion because they feel it is not sustainable in the age of social media and influencer marketing. As a creator in any industry, you need to adapt and grow to stay relevant. And in this particular moment in time, it's essential to know that merely taking a good photo is not enough to succeed or make a living. It's about character and versatility.


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