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Photos: Italy’s Stromboli volcano has erupted and is spewing ash and lava

Johnny Simon

For the second time in two months, Italy’s Stromboli volcano, located on an island between Calabria and Sicily, has sprung to life, spewing lava and ash.

The eruption yesterday sent ash more than a mile into the air and sparked several fires on the surrounding hillside. No injuries have been reported. (Stromboli’s last eruption in early July killed a hiker.) Videos and images show a massive column of ash shooting upward. In the evening, photographers were able to capture the lava flowing from the volcano.

Lava erupts from the Stromboli volcano on Aug. 28.

Smoke from the eruption rises over Stromboli, Italy on Aug. 28.

Smoke rises from the volcano on the island of Stromboli.


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