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Photos From The Scene Of The Deadly Truck Attack In New York City

Chris McGonigal
The truck that plowed through a bike lane and killed multiple people in New York City. (NYPD)

At least eight people are dead after a truck plowed into cyclists on a popular bike trail in lower Manhattan on Tuesday. Photos from the scene show a wrecked Home Depot truck and crushed bicycles, as well as bodies covered by white sheets. 

See the latest photos from the scene below. 



Emergency crews at the the scene of a violent incident on West Street in Manhattan, New York City.



Multiple bikes crushed along a bike path in lower Manhattan.



First responders assist a woman injured on the bike path.


(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

First responders tend to a victim. 



A police officer at the scene.



A body covered on West Street in Manhattan.


(Kena Betancur via Getty Images)

Emergency personnel at the scene. 


(Andy Kiss via Getty Images)

Police gather at the scene after reports of multiple people injured after a truck plowed through a bike path in New York City. 


(Andy Kiss via Getty Images)

The truck drove down a popular biking path in lower Manhattan. 


(DON EMMERT via Getty Images)

Investigators inspect the truck. 



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