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These Photos Show Hurricane Irma's Destructive Path Across The Caribbean

Chris McGonigal
Palm trees bend in the wind as Hurricane Irma slammed across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in San Juan, Puerto Rico Sept. 6, 2017. 

As Hurricane Irma sweeps over the Caribbean, images are starting to surface of the damage that has taken place on the shared island of Saint Martin and Sint Maarten. Photos and video show heavy flooding and extensive damage to buildings and streets.

Check back here for the latest images on this destructive storm as it continues to move toward Puerto Rico and Florida. 



General view of half-submerged vehicles, boats and debris in the flooded harbour as Hurricane Irma hits the French island territory of Saint Martin. 


(NOAA NOAA / Reuters)

Hurricane Irma, a record Category 5 storm, is seen in this NOAA National Weather Service National Hurricane Center image from GOES-16 satellite taken on Sept. 5, 2017.










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