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Picowork Helps Businesses Capitalize on Big Data, IOT, and Industry 4.0

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Deals, discussions and exchanges often take place in a coffee shop environment. The shop offers a convenient and comfortable place where the contents and interactions is kept to the people involved. 

Frank Cheung, Chairman of Picowork

We all want the freedom to collaborate and communicate in an environment that is convenient, safe and secure. 

Today, communication, collaboration and interactions take place on the cloud, and through different messaging applications or web platforms. However, the information and content is not exclusive to those involved; different applications and providers control the data, and own the "who, what, when, where, and how" content of every bits of information exchanged. With or without your approval, your information will be used for various other commercial purposes. 

As the reliance with web platforms and applications intensifies, so does the flow of information and resources on the internet. "The need to communicate and collaborate almost instantly over the Internet have opened up new challenges and concerns as information and content is in the hands of third-party hosts and providers," said Frank Cheung, Chairman and CEO of Picowork Limited. 

Individuals, for example, may receive targeted email and online advertisements after viewing a travel blog post on Facebook, or a friend request from a shuttle service on your instant messenger because Google Maps was used at the airport to check-in. For enterprises, this means that all sensitive information is owned and online interactions is monitored by the application providers. 

Cheung further noted that the current cloud architecture is fragmented as the vast majority of information and resources on the cloud are hosted with a small number of providers. Communication and collaboration online can only occur through the same external applications, which leaves control and complete authority to these providers. 

The key to breaking through this bottleneck is a structural system aimed at encouraging and enhancing collaboration in a agile, controllable, free and extendable environment.  

Picowork Limited, established in 2010, is a network-software company specializing in the research and development of online cloud services. The Company has recently launched Collaborative Cloud Computer (CCC) and Collaborative Cloud Operating System (CCOS) to address the ever growing transition demands onto the cloud. 

"We are one of the few companies in the world to offer an open and secure framework, which enables users to fully collaborate independently on the cloud. All communications, interactions and content take place in your own self-contained environment and space," Cheung explained. 

Picowork enables a collaborative environment designed to manage resources scattered across the Internet and assimilate available online services into a single, interoperable framework which will allow users to also freely utilize the available online tools and continue to use existing web applications with no integration required. 

Highlights of Picowork, CCC and CCOS: 

  1. The "Collaborative Cloud" system enables users to interact in a fully independent cloud environment. Any collaboration, communication and interactions can take place in the self-contained cloud space.  
  2. The Collaborative Cloud Computer (CCC) can be installed onto any data center; public or private. 
  3. CCC interoperable property across any existing PC and/or mobile devices makes it much more desirable given the difficult in coordinating collaborative activities and business interactions 
  4. CCC can assimilate existing online services and remove the need for standardization and concerns over compatibility issues. 
  5. Users can communicate ideas with audio or video calling, share data and files, work collaboratively on tasks as well as invite any internal, external and cross-cloud user to interact all under one cloud environment. 
  6. Web applications, content, and systems, such as ERP can be imported and developed through the SDKs of CCC and CCOS. 
  7. Aggregate data ownership and information is in the hands of the users and businesses to capitalize.  

For more information, please visit www.picowork.com

George Hu

Picowork recently launched collaborative-cloud-computer

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