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How To Take A Picture With Your Pebble Smart Watch

Dylan Love


Here's a novel application for your Pebble watch that will make you wonder why someone hasn't already made something like it.

PebbleCam is an app for your Pebble smart watch that lets you see what your iPhone camera is seeing and remotely take a picture of it.

(If you're unfamiliar, the Pebble is a smart watch that launched earlier this year. It connects to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth and displays notifications like incoming texts and calls.)

It works over Bluetooth, so that means there's no Wi-Fi or data connection required for it to function.

This isn't just a shutter release button though. PebbleCam lets you set your iPhone's flash and toggle between front and rear cameras.

We were most intrigued by the app's "stealth mode." It will black out your iPhone's screen while using the camera so that only your watch shows you what you're taking a picture of.

The app is $2.99 and is available right here.

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