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Pieces From Onirikka Fine Jewelry's Citron Collection Are Designed to Make a Bold Statement in 2020

Exquisitely designed fine gold jewelry by Onirikka adds a bold statement to any look. Their Citron Collection perfectly displays the symmetry and balance that nature is capable of. Using 18K gold and colorful gemstones, elegant jewelry from the Citron Collection at Onirikka is both an accessory and a conversation starter.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Onirikka Fine Jewelry was founded on bold creativity. Their team of designers work diligently to capture the essence of their inspiration while using bold colors and classic pairings. Their hard work culminates beautifully in their Citron collection. Inspired by the beauty of citrus, the find gold jewelry in this collection celebrates symmetry and a splash of color.  

The Citron Collection from Onirikka has a variety of different pieces from elegant necklaces and bracelets to bold and beautiful rings.  

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Designed with a bold but classy woman in mind, the Citron collection has a fresh and airy feel to it. Crisp and sharp like most citrus, the bold use of gemstones to reflect the symmetry of the fruits makes the pieces stand out. Among favorites are the earrings of the collection. Customers can choose from studs, hoops or dangling earrings. The earrings from the Citron collection have contrasting colored gemstones elegantly displayed in a circular fashion, like the inside of a citrus fruit. Jewelry lovers adore the especially dazzling citron earrings made from 18K gold and covered in green and yellow gemstones that dangle from the ear.

In addition to their popular selection of earrings, Onirikka's Citron Collection contains simple bracelets and stunning necklaces. The Citron Limon bracelet is a dainty piece with a bold display of color in a delicate way. Adding a daring component to the classy bracelet, a small multicolored charm shaped like a single wedge of citrus takes center stage. Bold in their use of color, the designers used contrasting bright colors to highlight the symmetry of the wedge charm. Next to the wedge charm is the only other charm on the bracelet, a heart colored in a deep red. Together the charms represent the fresh and happy nature of the whole Citron Collection. 

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Onirikka Fine Gold Jewelry is handcrafted from carefully sourced gold and gemstones.  The team of designers that curates the fine gold jewelry at Onirikka is known for their daring display of color.  They pair bold color and gemstones with elegant clean lines and classic silhouettes. These qualities are what makes the fine gold jewelry at Onirikka perfect for a bold and professional woman. More than the Citron collection, they also have other elegant lines of fine gold jewelry. Both their Leap and their Finch collections also use bold color to emulate the power and boldness of nature.  

Find an elegant piece of fine gold jewelry at https://www.onirikka.com/ for 2020. 

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