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Pilates Metrics Selected by Google For Entrepreneurs: Mobile App and Tech Platform Aims to Provide Collective IQ for Pilates Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Pilates Metrics has been invited to the Google For Entrepreneurs mentorship program. "It's an honor to be chosen," says Pilates Metrics founder Joseph Quinn. "Google mentors are helping us set and achieve goals. It's a master course in strategic development."

Pilates Metrics is a technology platform and mobile app for the 20M+ worldwide Pilates practitioners to track, chart, and share their progress. The app automatically converts Pilates sessions into anatomical and biomechanical stats, graphs, and charts and aggregates totals over time.

The app and platform were built by ArcTouch, a top mobile design and development studio. "Pilates Metrics is a perfect example of how an industry can use mobile technology and big data to make a global impact," says Eric N. Shapiro, ArcTouch founder and CEO.

Using cloud integration and analytics, the long range health data will provide collective intelligence to help industry practitioners better address pre-existing conditions and prevent future injuries and surgeries. "Pilates instructors know anatomy and biomechanics, and the metrics reflect that. We're bridging the gap to digital health and predictive analytics," Quinn proclaims. "Our vision is to connect Pilates to the future of preventative healthcare."

Quinn's efforts have made waves. In 2016, Pilates Metrics was selected by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and Galvanize to join a prestigious Health and Wellness Cohort. Pilates Metrics received accelerator residency at Galvanize SF. "It's an incredible startup ecosystem we call home," says Quinn.

"We're proud of their success," says Manu Vascolcelos, Director of Platform Engagement at Galvanize. "Galvanize provides access to people, resources, and knowledge, and they've gone above and beyond to maximize every opportunity."

"We've come a long way since the coffee shop," says Quinn.

Quinn was driving to his Pilates studio to teach at 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 5, 2014, but first he needed coffee. While in line he pulled up baseball scores and checked the stats. He admired how the numbers told a complex story. "That was the eureka moment," says Quinn with a smile.

For years prior, Quinn taught Pilates to student-athletes at University of California, Berkeley. "I was hired to work with football players. But there were some coaches in the department who doubted Pilates' efficacy, so I needed to validate the work." At that time, the global Pilates industry still used pencil and paper for recordkeeping, and progress was measured anecdotally. Quinn needed a better way, a digital way, to report the effectiveness of Pilates.

While waiting for coffee and inspired by baseball, Quinn conceptualized the patent-pending formula to capture human movement in binary code and track progress over time. Pilates Metrics was born. "If you think Pilates is eccentric or imprecise, Pilates Metrics will change your mind," Quinn explains.

About Pilates Metrics

Pilates Metrics provides digital solutions for the Pilates industry with a mobile app for instructors, integrated studio services, and app customization for teacher-training programs. Please visit http://pilatesmetrics.com for more information. Press inquiries contact info@pilatesmetrics.com.

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