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Pinterest Flooded with Butt Photos in Recent Hack; Don’t Click on the Butt Photos

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

Pinterest enthusiasts beware: There’s a sneaky scam flooding account feeds with butts and weight loss ads. Because nothing says, “Click me, darling” like a pin with a nice butt in it. Don’t do it.

According to a Pinterest spokeswoman, the company was alerted of this butt hack Thursday evening.

“We began working on cleaning up and placing the accounts in safe mode immediately,” Malorie Lucich told Yahoo Tech. “The accounts have since been secured.”

Though Lucich assured us that this particular instance of spam didn’t affect the site “on a large scale,” Pinterest members have recently been the target of a number of phishing scams. 

At least, enough to catch the attention of the Better Business Bureau, which recently released a guide warning of the different ways you can be duped into clicking a spammy pin. 

Usually it goes like this: You’re sent an email from “Pinterest” (really, a spammer pretending to be Pinterest) alerting you that a friend has pinned something. You click it, and you’re sent to a shady website. Meanwhile, your account also shares the spammy pin with all your followers.

Spammers can also infiltrate Pinterest via third-party apps by inserting their own code in Pin This widgets on other sites, depending on how secure they are.

According to Lucich, you can protect yourself from these scams by ensuring that your account password is complicated and unique. It also doesn’t hurt to report a suspicious pin whenever you see one. 

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