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Pioneering Lifelogging Visionary Joins Lifelogger

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2015 / (LOGG) LifeLogger Technologies Corp. today announced the appointment, effective immediately, of Philip van Nedervelde to its Advisory Board to actively reinforce and support LifeLogger's executive team in roles including that of Senior VP of Design and Chief Evangelist.

A passionate pioneering lifelogger avant la lettre, Philip van Nedervelde is an award-winning, 6-fold multilingual all-round communications and international business development executive with over 25 years of excellence as a designer of interactive media user interfaces and content, media strategist, spokesperson, networker extraordinaire, sci-tech visionary and advocate, inventor, and public speaker.

A pioneering lifelogging practitioner and advocate for nearly 20 years, Philip followed his M.A. in Communication Science and postgraduate degree in Information Science & Interactive Media Design with several decades of entrepreneurial experience in international business development in cutting edge, emerging technologies including interactive multimedia, wearable sensors, personalized medicine for life extension, drone based sensor platforms, immersive telepresence using anthropomorphic android robotics, immerse virtual reality, online multi-user virtual worlds, data fusion & visualization for situational awareness in military and security applications.

Stew Garner, LifeLogger's CEO, commented, "We are pleased to have Philip join our Advisory Board. Philip will strengthen LifeLogger's executive team with his all-round acumen and his passion for lifelogging technology. His insight and expertise in software development will help and guide our team to further enhance and differentiate our end-user experience, establish our software as the de facto standard lifelogging platform for, among others, consumers, first responders, memory-impaired persons suffering neurodegenerative diseases, military personnnel, etc. He will also implement our software with strategic JV partners outside of the traditional retail environment."

Mr. Garner added, "Philip will work closely with our team to implement a media strategy for LifeLogger software and aid in communicating our vision and offerings to the media as, among other roles, he will serve as LifeLogger's international spokesperson. His various roles will also include utilizing his extensive personal network to introduce us to potential clients, JV partners for software, and more."

"I could not be more thrilled," stated Philip van Nedervelde, "to join forces with LifeLogger and to be instrumental in its bid to make lifelogging technology history by empowering everyone to literally 'seize the day' every single day of their lives."

Mr. van Nedervelde added, "As one of the few who started 'ultra-documenting' their own lives well before the word 'lifelogging' was coined, I perceive LifeLogger's software to be uniquely positioned to realize the long-held vision of the burgeoning lifelogging and so-called 'Quantified Self' communities: an exceedingly user-friendly, versatile, robust, mobile and integrated platform providing each end-user a highly secure and deeply searchable cloud-based repository of virtually all past, present and future 'datatrails' chronicling their life."

Mr. van Nedervelde concluded, "I chose to join LifeLogger because my experience of its current offerings together with its R&D towards realizing its ambitious technology roadmap, made clear to me that LifeLogger is better placed than anyone else in this field to become the de facto standard for cloud-based lifelogging repositories (a.k.a. a Personal 'Black Box') as well as the dominant lifelogging software platform."

About LifeLogger

LifeLogger Technologies Corp has developed a Web APP software solution providing users the ability to capture, store and live stream your memories. We are device agnostic, allowing you to use your iOS, Android solution or other wearable camera and/or sensors solutions. We have cutting-edge technology that presents meaningful advanced search including functionality utilizing Geo-enabled location search & face detection stored on an interactively navigable 3D timeline. For more information please visit http://lifelogger.com.

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