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Pioneers launches AI supercomputing center computing decision-making system

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The AI Learning Research Department is one of the core components of Pioneers


The AI Learning Research Department is one of the core components of Pioneers
The AI Learning Research Department is one of the core components of Pioneers

New York, NY, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Pioneers has launched an AI supercomputing center computing decision-making system, which fully grasps the dynamics of transaction efficiency and risk factors, has rapid risk control response and powerful computing power, and can stably cope with the scale of tens of billions of funds and the concurrent risk control of dozens of trading varieties. cause a lot of attention in the industry.

With the explosive and rapid development of the quantitative trading market in 2019, according to Coinmarketcap data, as of April 2021, the scale of quantitative trading reached 177 billion US dollars, an increase of 123.8% in 2020 compared with 2019, compared with 12% in 2018. The growth rate increased by 111.8%.

In fact, the basic concept of quantitative trading is just four words: buy low and sell high, the basic concept is easy to understand, but the most difficult thing is to judge when to buy and when to sell, and human operation about 3 seconds to trade a single order is far less intelligent than ours Trading strategies for quantitative trading.

Pioneers AI was initiated by Macedonian block Financial Services Co., Ltd's Financial Services Co., Ltd. to establish Pioneers asset investment foundation - Pioneers Asset Lead Investment Foundation.

Pioneers unswervingly adheres to technology-enabled finance, continues to achieve wealth security and asset appreciation for customers, and aims to become the world's fastest growing online technology transaction service provider.

Not only that, with the development of blockchain technology in Asia, the platform will successively establish a core management center in Singapore, Asia, and an AI transaction technology service center in Tokyo, Japan.

The AI Learning Research Department is one of the core components of Pioneers, focusing on machine learning and self-evolution. Let the artificial intelligence brain in the database center achieve leapfrog growth through learning every year.

At the same time, the Pioneers Quantitative R&D Department, focusing on digital assets and blockchain technology, officially invested in its research and development results in 2020, multi-factor AI quantitative strategy. Its core API technology is currently only mastered by a very small number of technical teams in the world. This technology can be perfectly combined with AI to form a perfect AI quantification technology.

In the future, in artificial intelligence, quantitative technology, blockchain and virtual reality, people will live between virtual and reality in the future. How to occupy the highest market share in the virtual field is the next priority for Pioneers!

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