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Pippa Middleton Wore the Cute Sneakers Only British Girls Know About

Erin Fitzpatrick

We never get tired of admiring style all around the world, from French girls to Latin American women. (Is the grass always greener on the other side? Perhaps.) When it comes to British style specifically, you can bet we look to the sisters Middleton for advice on the regular. They've introduced us to a cool London bag brand, offered the perfect travel outfit ideas, and inspired more than a few purchases.

Now, Pippa is getting us excited for a specific pair of sneakers: the Penelope Chilvers Paradise Velvet/Metallic Trainers ($252). British girls are definitely familiar with Penelope Chilvers, but the London-based brand doesn't have quite the same name recognition in the U.S. yet, even though Kate Middleton loves her boots from the label. Scroll down to see how Pippa Middleton styled her Penelope Chilvers velvet sneakers and shop her look for yourself.

On Pippa Middleton: Penelope Chilvers Paradise Velvet/Metallic Trainers ($252)

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