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Pitney Bowes and Rapt Media Partner to Expedite Time to Value for Interactive Video Experiences


Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, and Rapt Media, a leader in high-performance interactive video technology, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to provide a faster way for clients to use Pitney Bowes’ EngageOne Video technology while building out a truly custom experience that maximizes customer engagement. Through the deployment of new EngageOne Video industry templates, clients in the Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities and Financial Services industries can expedite their return on investment in an interactive and personalized video solution in as little as 20 days.

According to a report from Cisco, video will account for 80 percent of web traffic by 2019. Furthermore, according to data from Axonn, 70 percent of customers view brands more positively after watching interesting video content. Aligned to this growing trend and market opportunity, Pitney Bowes assists clients across a variety of industries to create real-time video experiences that deepen customer relationships.

With the new EOV Industry templates, Auto Insurance providers will be able to effectively explain coverage policies that match a prospective customer’s driving needs to ensure they’re receiving the optimal coverage; Financial Service providers can quickly walk credit card and checking account holders through their onboarding process and educate customers on the benefits of their online services; and any organization can walk customers through their bill, noting the origination of charges within that customer’s individual bill.

Pitney Bowes was among the first to invest in interactive video with the introduction of EngageOne® Video (EOV) in 2015. EOV is a customer engagement solution that delivers interactive communications designed specifically for each viewer. Each video experience created using this solution acts as a customer service, sales and marketing resource while empowering viewers to create their experiences through self-selection of topics and actions relevant to their individual’s needs. Available around the clock for the always-on customer, video experiences using EngageOne Video are developed for the individual consumer and can be accessed through any device they choose.

“Our new EOV industry templates provide clients with the ability to experiment with interactive video in the span of a few weeks. We know that depending on the application, other clients will still prefer the fully functional, customized version of EOV,” said Erika Trautman, CEO and Founder of Rapt Media. “With the new video templates, EOV clients can quickly deploy their video and learn from it before investing in the customized version of EOV which has a longer implementation cycle. The new EOV template applications include a personalized walk-through of a new checking and credit card account, an explanation of auto insurance setup and options, and education on billing charges.”

“The continued success of our EOV clients is our top priority—speed, personalization and ROI are key factors in the success of interactive and personalized video,” says Greg Van den Heuvel, Chief Operations Officer of Software Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “Our partnership with Rapt Media reinforces our commitment to providing clients with a fast way to start improving their customers’ experience, while maintaining a level of personalization and interactivity that differentiates this solution within the market.”

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes (PBI) is a global technology company offering innovative products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping and mailing, and global ecommerce. More than 1.5 million clients in approximately 100 countries around the world rely on products, solutions and services from Pitney Bowes. For additional information, visit Pitney Bowes at www.pitneybowes.com.

About Rapt Media

Rapt Media offers a compelling alternative to engage employees and consumers, inspiring them to act. The company's cloud-based interactive video platform drives deeper engagement resulting in enhanced learning and rapid behavior change. Rapt Media offers enterprise companies digital transformation solutions involving communications and learning. For more information, visit www.raptmedia.com.

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