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Pivot is the Key For Direction in S&P Index

Jack Broz


Comments : US 30-Year Bond: Trade above 150.14 targets 150.24. Taking out 148.01 moves to at least 147.17. US 10-Year Treasury Note: Favor the bears below 133.105. (trade below 132.125 projects to 131.01). Note the upside targets if trade stays firm. US 5-Year Treasury Note: The pivot lends some resistance - but go with the bulls if they take it out; everything upside EXCEPT 125.115 is a logical target/test price. Weakness seeks 124.025. S&P500 Stock Index: Trade above 1422.30 targets 1434.50. The pivot is KEY for direction; I'll look for at least 1385.75 if 1392.75 get taken out.


MAR 10s

MAR 5s

151.25 target

134.24 target

125.145 pivotal

150.30 major

134.06 long above


150.24 target

134.01 target

125.03 resist?

150.14 long above

133.26 target/watch

124.31 target

149.24* PIVOT

133.145 PIVOT (true)

124.25_2 PIVOT

148.28 pivotal

133.105 expect follow-thru

124.205 sl

148.20 pivotal

132.225 target

124.13_2 lean sellers below

148.11 expect follow-thru

148.01 pivotal

132.125 pivotal

124.08 target

124.025 pivotal

147.17 target/stay short









DEC SP500  



1434.50* target

1422.30 yesterday's hi



1403.00 PIVOT (true)

1392.75 watch

1385.75 pivotal

1371.75*(below= 62.50)

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