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PlainID Enhances Authorization Management Capabilities, Based on Apache Syncope with the Assistant of Tirasa

Enhanced Authorization Management

NEW YORK, April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PlainID, a leader in fine-grained authorization, offering a fresh approach to Policy Based Access Management, together with Tirasa, the main contributor to the adoption of the Open Source software in enterprise environments, with particular reference to Identity & Access Management (IAM), announced today the release of a PlainID Dynamic Authorization integrate solution, to enhance its Authorization management capabilities.

Understanding the connection between identities, information and functionality is the core of every organization security. Controlling and analyzing this connection is an ever-growing struggle, especially today when both identities and services are operating in a distributed environment.  Organizations are straggling to gain that visibility, understand the business logic and automate the overall control.   

Speaking of visibility, says Oren Harel, PlainID CEO "a graphical representation of the overall authorization system is instrumental for IT managers and IAM professionals to understand the structure of IAM in their organization and see which users have access to which resources, under which circumstances, and in which conditions". With that information, they can formulate efficient policies with properly defined attributes (the "who", "when", "what", and "how"), reduce confusion, and manage user access and authorization more effectively. 

With the assistant of Tirasa, PlainID has incorporated Apache Syncope to its Dynamic Authorization Platform with the unique graph-based technology, enabling the Access Policy Control to be visible, presentable and available for more applications and platforms in a ready-to-use solution. 

About Tirasa

Tirasa builds and supports mission-critical secure solutions to manage digital identities and user federation and access control across different environments including cloud, social networks, and mobile.

Playing important active roles in several international Open Source projects and communities, Tirasa contributes to the adoption of the Open Source software in enterprise environments, with particular reference to Identity & Access Management (IAM).

Thanks to the consolidated experience of its team into the field of identity and access management, Tirasa conceived, developed and later donated to the Apache Software Foundation the Open Source Identity Manager Apache Syncope. Since then, Tirasa continues to lead the development as main sponsor.

To learn more about Tirasa, visit www.tirasa.net , read the company blog, follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About PlainID

PlainID is an advanced policy based access control solution which by creating lateral authorization business policies, minimizes complexity and lets business owners control and fine-tune access.  PlainID comprehensive platform, offers a clear view and understanding of every authorization level, in the cloud, mobile and on premise applications, as well as complete control over the entire organization's authorization process.

Companies that use PlainID benefit from a simplified Authorization platform and meet the demands of growth without worry. This truly is a fresh approach.

To learn more about PlainID, visit www.plainid.com, read the company blog, follow on Twitter or LinkedIN.


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