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Planet MicroCap Review Magazine for Q3 2022 Now Online

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2022 / Planet MicroCap, a global multimedia financial news and publishing company that focuses on delivering news, information, data and analytics for publicly traded microcap companies, today announced that the Q3 2022 Issue of the Planet MicroCap Review Magazine is now available in digital format.

Click here to read: Planet MicroCap Review Q3 2022 Issue

Stock News Now, Wednesday, October 19, 2022, Press release picture
Stock News Now, Wednesday, October 19, 2022, Press release picture

"On behalf of the entire Planet MicroCap Team we are pleased to announce the Q3 2022 issue of the Planet MicroCap Review," said Robert Kraft, Planet MicroCap CEO. "Our focus for this issue is ‘Fallen Angels'. YTD, MicroCaps are down 34.74% (Source: Planet MicroCap Index), and many stocks that were once loved are now calling MicroCap their new home. As my friend Rick Rule always likes to say, Bear Markets are the authors of Bull Markets. In this issue we have incredible new content from our list of expert writers, influencers and opinion leaders in the MicroCap space discussing why investors and issuers should take a look at the unloved."

The Q3 2022 issue of the Planet MicroCap Review also includes profiles on public MicroCap companies, including:

Planet MicroCap Review Q3 2022 Issue articles from leading thinkers and experts in the MicroCap space include:

  • FEATURE: Fallen Angels - Devoting Time to Companies that May Not Be Buyable at the Moment by Ben Claremon, Cove Street Capital

  • FEATURE: Fallen Angels - Pay Attention to Changes in Sector Money Flows by Fadi Diab, @TheGladiatorHC

  • FEATURE: Fallen Angels - Can Beaten-Down E-Commerce and Software Stocks See a "Resurrection?" by William Duberstein, Stone Oak Capital

  • FEATURE: Fallen Angels - When Optimistic Projections and Growth Don't Add Up by Tim Travis, T&T Capital Management

  • "The Utility of the Future" by Peter Londa, CEO of Tantalus (TSX:GRID)

  • "The Case for Bridging the Gap Between TradFi and DeFi" by Caitlin Cook, Host of The DeadCaitBounce Experience

  • "Is Gold Losing Its Lustre? Or Are We Just Short-sighted?" by Gavin Wendt, MineLife

  • "Incorporating EOS into Succession Planning" by Jackie Kibler

  • "Understanding Blue Sky Laws" by Andy Kyzyk, OTC Markets Group

  • "ESG for MicroCaps" by Dr. Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom, Socialsuite

  • Market Maker Corner: Market Making Explained by Eric Flesche, Glendale Securities

  • "On-demand Accounting and Finance" by Aaron Spool and Neil Reithinger, Eventus Advisory Group

  • "Door Half Open" by Drew Bernstein, CPA, Marcum, Bernstein & Pinchuk

  • Cannabis Corner: US Cannabis Valuations Continue to Decline, As Does the Broader Market by Seth Yakatan, Katan Associates

  • "Public Microcap Biotech Company Any Board Issues" by John Bonfiglio, PhD, Independent Board Director

  • Legal Corner: Getting Started on ESG Disclosures by Jon Uretsky, Esq., PULLP

  • Insurance Corner: Having the Right Insurance Broker Matters by John Farris, Assurtrak

  • Post-Pandemic Hong Kong Moves to Fortify Status as International Financial Hub by Leslie Richardson

  • "An Exercise in Clear Thinking" by Richard Revelins, Peregrine Corporate

  • Ask Mr. Wallstreet: Shorts by Shelly Kraft

  • Imaging Biometrics LLC, a subsidiary of IQ-AI Limited (OTCQB:IQAIF)(LSE:IQAI) by Dr. Kathleen Schmainda, PhD

  • "Bear Market Blues?" by Roger Pondel, PondelWilkinson

  • "Investor Relations for Bear Markets" by Mike Porter, Porter LeVay & Rose

  • "Inflation, Inflation, Inflation. But What's Going on With Gold & Silver?" by David Morgan and Jon Little, The Morgan Report

  • "The Micro-Cap IPO & Uplisting Report: Q3" by Lucosky Brookman LLP

Planet MicroCap Review Magazine is available to subscribers Free on SCRIBD, ISSUU and MicroCapReview.com.

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About Planet MicroCap

Founded in 1998, Planet MicroCap is a global multimedia financial news and publishing company that focuses on market awareness and investor visibility for public and pre-public microcap companies. In addition to its recently launched index and quarterly online magazine, Planet MicroCap also broadcasts a microcap news podcast, the Planet MicroCap Podcast, and hosts investor conferences.

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Planet MicroCap

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