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You Can Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps for April Fools’ Day

Brian Feldman

Despite the fact that April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, tech companies are pulling the trigger on their annual pranks this year one day early, in a show of complete disrespect for the Roman calendar and the weekday tech bloggers who thought that this year they wouldn’t have to cover bad pranks.

Perhaps the one good tech goof this year is a rehash of an old one. Today and tomorrow, in Google Maps, you can turn the streets into a giant game of Ms. Pac-Man, swiping around and gobbling up ghosts. Google did a similar prank with Ms. Pac-Man’s husband, Pac-Man, a couple of years ago.

To access the feature, just head into the app and click the Ms. Pac-Man button. Simple. At last, a prank of her own. You can make any stretch of road into a map, but I recommend aiming for somewhere gridlike, such as mid-Manhattan (the area around the Holland Tunnel is not great for Pac-Man, I can personally attest).

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