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PLRS Introduces New Fees to Challenge Real Estate Status Quo

Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services, a real estate agency located in Peoria, Illinois, is offering a new market-leading listing fee of 4.5% when selling your home through their agents

With agency fees in the United States still averaging between 6-7%, PLRS hopes to offer Peoria local property owners a significantly lower cost while still providing full service to their clients

PEORIA, Ill., July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services, or PLRS, is challenging the status quo by offering a new 4.5% listing fee when selling your home through one of their agents. The offer is meant to attract more home sellers with fees that are more contemporary and realistic to market conditions.

Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services is Peoria's one-stop-shop for everything real estate related. Founder, and Managing Broker Mark Wagner, opened the agency with the intent to allow the residents of Central Illinois to take advantage of the real estate market for a significantly lower cost.

"Our vision has always been to help Peoria-area property owners in the best manner possible," Mark Wagner had to say about PLRS. "We believe that the market has changed, and that property owners are motivated by a more equitable relationship with their real estate agency. And now, through our agents, we can get [Peoria locals] the best value possible for their home or commercial property."

With agency fees in the United States still averaging between 6-7%, PLRS is deciding to keep their commission fees at 4.5%. They also help buyers save money when they purchase a home with a direct rebate paid to the buyer. As Wagner calls it, "a true win-win situation!"

If you're interested to see how much you can save with a 4.5% listing fee, you can find a savings calculator on the Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services website. And for more information about PLRS, visit them at https://www.plsrents.com/.

Professional Leasing & Real Estate Services is a full-service real estate agency that has operated out of the Peoria, Illinois area for the past 27 years. Their feature services include buying, selling and renting property throughout Central Illinois for both residential and commercial locations. You can contact them at 309-691-0900. Their office is located at 7227 N University St, Peoria, IL 61614.

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