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POCARI SWEAT Partners With 7-Eleven to Launch Nation-Wide 'POCARI CROSS RUN' App Backed by Latest BEACON Technology

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SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2014) - POCARI SWEAT, one of the leading isotonic beverage in Singapore, released a mobile application today -- 'POCARI CROSS RUN'.

With the increasing number of runners in Singapore, and with the country having one of the highest smart phone penetrations in the world, the free application which will be available from today for iOS and Android devices, will encourage Singaporeans to continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The application which is backed by the latest BEACON1 technology, employs the short-rage wireless technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and will be the first and largest scale promotional series to utilise this system. The new BEACON technology will be set up in all 7-Eleven stores here, which will take promotions and campaigns to a whole new level. The BEACON device provides area-specific content customization as well as a variety of interaction responses which is determined by the distance a runner has completed.

It will also allow users to achieve their running goals, by making the run more interesting through app-generated, customized running course. 7-Eleven stores as hydration points will also be represented in the app, which allows runners to purchase POCARI SWEAT for rehydration, from the nearest 7-Eleven store.

To generate more hype, participation points will be awarded via the app, when users pass by a 7-Eleven store during their runs, complete a running course, or make a POCARI SWEAT purchase, by tapping on the BEACON devices available at all 7-Eleven cashier counters. The longer the running distance, the more points a user will receive. The interactive experience is not just limited to runners, whereby app users can also play games such as Bingo and earn tokens when they pass by 7-Eleven stores as well.

The customized mobile app which was also designed by the BEACON system developers, Japan advertising agency, Asatsu-DK Singapore Pte Ltd, and award winning, digital production company AID-DCC Inc., takes interactive consumer marketing to a whole new level and generates a new form of in-store experience that connects businesses with customers at the point of sales.

"We chose 7-Eleven to roll out the BEACON technology as it is a recognized international brand which constantly emphasizes on excellent customer service delivery. We hope to leverage its extensive network of more than 500 stores and create the next level of customer interaction experience both in-store and on-street. There will be plans in the pipeline for BEACON to be extensively utilized for other promotions and campaigns by other companies after the launch of the POCARI SWEAT campaign", said Mr. Takamasa Tokumo, Executive Director of Asatsu-DK Singapore Pte Ltd.

He added, "With consumers becoming more tech-savvy, this new technology will help create a revolutionary consumer experience -- one that is fun and interactive, yet meaningful and adds value to the consumer, such as supporting them in achieving their healthy lifestyle goals in this case."

POCARI SWEAT's Singapore Country Manager, Ms. Puspita Winawati commented, "We are extremely excited to be incorporating the latest technology in the way we interact with our customers and with the extensive network of the 7-Eleven stores here in Singapore, which serve as water points, runners will have the flexibility of enjoying the POCARI CROSS RUN app wherever they want."

She continued, "It is also our hope that through the launch of the POCARI CROSS RUN app, we can encourage more people to take up running as part of a healthy lifestyle."

The 'POCARI CROSS RUN' app is free to download and is available in App Store and Google Play.

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