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Podcasts will Now Sound Better than Ever, Thanks to the Launch of the New Online Podcasting Platform buttercast

Thanks to buttercast, Podcast Producers will No Longer Have to Pay a Great Deal of Money for Expensive Software and Equipment

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2017 / Turgay Birand, Co-Founder and CEO of buttercast, is pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative online platform that will revolutionize the podcasting industry.

To learn more about buttercast and its many features that will make it easy to publish amazing-sounding podcasts, please check out https://www.buttercast.com at any time.

As Birand noted, buttercast, which is a software as a service offering, has one key mission: to make creating terrific podcasts easier for everybody. Thanks to the newly-launched service, podcast producers will no longer need to invest in expensive software packages and equipment.

In order to make the podcast production and listening experiences better for creators and audiences, buttercast employs advanced audio processing algorithms that enhance the sound quality of podcast episodes hosted on their platform.

"It will also help ease some time-consuming editing processes podcasters need to endure, such as cutting lengthy silences and cleaning up background noise, which are performed automatically with cutting edge processing algorithms in the cloud," Birand said.

A podcast named after the product has already been released on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher, which Birand said will make podcasters' lives easier by providing useful tips from the perspective of a newcomer. The buttercast website also hosts a blog that offers tips and tricks geared towards helping podcasters on their path to success.

As Birand noted, podcasting has been an extremely fast growing space with 21 percent net growth in 2016, and close to 20 percent over each of the preceding five years. Every year, tens of thousands of new podcasters are entering the space, making podcasting one of the fastest growing online media channels in the world.

"The podcast is the new radio, and it's here not only to stay but take over the world of aural broadcasting. The year to year growth numbers are simply astounding, and we're proud to become a part of this paradigm shift with our new offering," Birand said.

Podcasters can get their careers started with buttercast for free until their podcast grows to above five episodes. After that, a podcast with unlimited episodes only costs $10 per month, making buttercast the most cost-effective hosting platform out there that also offers built in audio enhancement features.

In the near future, Birand and the rest of the team behind buttercast plans to add even more audio enhancing capabilities, such as professional grade audio equalizers and algorithms such as DeEsser and Smart Noise Reducer.

About buttercast:

Buttercast is a podcasting platform with a mission to make publishing amazing sounding podcasts easier for everyone. No longer will podcast producers need to invest in expensive equipment and software packages. By employing advanced audio processing algorithms, Buttercast automatically enhances the sound quality of podcast episodes hosted on their platform. For more information, please visit https://www.buttercast.com.


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