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PODIUM Puts a Fitness Coach on Your Wrist

The first running app that takes the guesswork out of training and gives you the certainty of improved performance through personalized coaching

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Performance Lab today unveiled PODIUM: Coaching for Runners, an Apple Watch app that goes beyond typical fitness trackers by delivering personalized coaching for runners. Leveraging 30 years of coaching experience, artificial intelligence, and runners' data, PODIUM is the first running app that helps users stay motivated throughout their journey by providing accurate and timely advice.

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Most wearable training devices and applications on the market today are limited to simply tracking activity and displaying metrics, superficial features that fail to help runners actually improve. PODIUM is the first mobile running app that goes beyond simple tracking and displaying, and gives users meaningful coaching on their performance that helps them achieve real improvement.

"Today's runners demand more from their fitness apps than simple, static data. They want the same type of real-time feedback, coaching, and expert insights that personal trainers provide," said Waynne Dartnall, CEO of Performance Lab. "Committing to a goal requires significant time and effort. PODIUM removes the burden of trying to work out if you're doing it right. It turns your data into personalized coaching advice that really helps you achieve your podium, whether you simply want to get across the line at your first half marathon, or achieve a PR."

How PODIUM Works
Every run in PODIUM is analyzed based on five key components: technique, endurance, strength, speed and execution. PODIUM is the only app that can: 1) track Running Power without using a purpose-built device on a runner's body, and 2) auto-calibrate training zones for every runner based on their unique ability and goals to know what's "hard" for you. These groundbreaking metrics and its ease of use (just grab your Apple Watch and go!) differentiate it from other training apps that only provide users with activity and metrics.

PODIUM provides runners with answers to three fundamental questions, required to continually assess and improve their performance:

  1. What should I do?
  2. How did I do?
  3. What should I do next?

PODIUM was conceived by Performance Lab co-founder and internationally regarded sports performance consultant Jon Ackland. PODIUM is built on the ARDA Coaching Engine, a patented software platform from Performance Lab that brings real-time context and intelligence to wearable fitness devices.

What Users Are Saying
"For me, the most useful feature has been the Power gauge, to measure my effort, both in-workout and day to day, back to back. Usually I would be focused on my pace, but running with power – especially during long runs – has helped me stay in control and do more of the right type of training. The body feels in good shape and my fitness trend has continued to climb!" Richard Bayly, former Ironman athlete

"Six months ago if you had told me I was going to be able to do a 10km run, I never would have believed you. The plan eased me into it. And when I finally did it, it was amazing." Christine Balanza

"I'm absolutely loving the programs – I've had zero injuries or loss of motivation. Previously I'd do the running and gym work but found it totally boring. I love the ups and downs in the program - and the intensity is a real buzz!" Shea Coffman

"I'm really pleased with the increased performance the program has given me. My times have improved over the last three runs, so that's been a rewarding experience."Jared Pilkington-Flinn

"I like the idea of using power as a better measure for performance. It tells me how hard I'm working. [While running] I like to see the Power number on the Watch and be quite precise about it."Andy Royle

PODIUM is currently available for the Apple Watch Series 3 or higher on iOS. To download, click here.

About Performance Lab
A pioneer in the use of monitoring technology, Performance Lab has been using biometric data to coach and analyze the performance of tens of thousands of athletes for over 30 years. In 2015, Performance Lab developed the technology behind the world's first AI wearable Oakley Radar Pace, and has since also licensed its technology to global tech giants such as Intel. With unparalleled domain expertise, and a passion for democratizing high performance, Performance Lab is on a mission to empower athletes to reach their fitness goals.

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