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Pogue’s Basics: Money - The "Heat the House Faster" myth: Demolished

David Pogue

Surely you’ve seen them: People who think they can get the house warmed up faster if they set the temp beyond the comfort point.

In other words, you like 68 degrees in winter, but you come downstairs to a 64-degree room — so you set the thermostat to 85 to make it heat up faster.

In fact, you’ll only waste power and money that way. Heating is either on or off, like a light switch. The room warms up at the same rate, whether you set the thermostat to 68, 100, or 5,000 degrees.
So set it to 68 and be patient.

All of this applies equally to air-conditioning, too. And the same principle applies in your car: Don’t waste money through not knowing the facts.

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